[Renting/Selling] A few PS3 Games

Hey PS3 buddies, I’m looking to sell / rent a bunch of PS3 games off :

To BUY :
FEAR 2 (R1) : 135 Everything’s in Good Condition
RE 5 (R3) : 155 The booklet looks slightly old but everything else is in good condition
Fifa 09 (R3) : 110 The game cover has scratches but no cracks whatsoever. Everything else is good.
KZ 2 (R3) : 170 Game cover has minor scratches but everything else is good.
GTA 4 : 120 Game cover isn’t exactly in the best shape, the booklet n map are rather messed up but the CD itself is in good condition.

I’m currently gonna provide rental services to those who are interested in just playing the game instead of buying the game and just leaving it to rot once you’re done playing :mrgreen: and they’re as follows :


  • All games will be charged of a daily rental fee of RM3 and you will be required to put down a deposit (depending on the game, the deposit amt. will vary).
  • The amount that you are required to deposit will be the same amount stated on the BUY list, so for e.g lets say you want to rent FEAR 2:

Deposit Amt. = RM135
If you rent it for 1 week = 3 x 7 = RM21. When you return the game in the same condition as it was given to you*, you will be returned RM114.

  • If items returned appear to be damaged more than they originally were there will be a penalty of RM25-RM100 depending on the severity of the damage done.

If you wish to rent more than 1 game I will provide you with lower rental rates depending on the quantity of games you wanna rent. Contact me about it.

As of right now I’m only gonna be providing the game titles above for rental services and ONLY to fellow Mirians. I do plan to increase my library of games available for rental in the future.

All transactions will be conducted as COD on appointed locations. If you wish to contact me further you can do so at either 012-3289529 (SMS Preferred as my work area has really poor signal and it could be frustrating trying to call me) or email me at rsiow4@hotmail.com or just write right here :smiley: THANKS!!

Wow finally sumbody is offering renting services in miri…


[quote=“garyz”]Wow finally sumbody is offering renting services in miri…


thanks bro!! as for your request on other titles I will be getting them soon and infamous and prototype will be among them.