Rental of an empty detach house in Miri?

Hello Miri Community,

Could anyone tell me, what’s the rental rate of an empty detach house in Miri? I think this land lord is trying to be funny by increasing the rent to RM 1200 :frowning: . It is a house in Pujut 7.

Appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

Hello there too-wee,

Been here for sometime and I believe your landlord is trying to slaughter you. An empty detach house(even if it’s a double story) will not touch RM1200. Fellow Mirians do you agree?

Oh ya … by the way, to add more information. It is a double story.

Hello everyone,

I’m still waiting for answers … Anybody could help me? I just need some feel of the rental here as I am not from Miri. I don’t want to agree to a rental increase, when I don’t know, what actually the rental price of an unfurnished double storey detached house else where in Miri.

Thanks again all.

Hi, Too Wee
rental RM1200 for double storey without furniture that will be too expensive. i suggest u go look for others.

i think probably the landlord is trying to hint you to move in this indirect way.

Pujut 7? RM1200? get a life… :roll:

IMHO, better buy a house then rent… :wink:

It may be around RM600/month if you snoop around.

Here’s a true story about this low rate: 2 years ago, I was approached by a man in a car, asking if I wanted to rent a detached single storey bungalow. It sounded intriguing at that rate but I was concerned when he told me its address was no. 13, (Lorong XX given) Krokop. He added that tenants were “always coming and going”.

“Haunted?” I queried in Mandarin.

“Maybe!” was his curt reply.

Of course, I wasn’t interested any more.

By the way, later I drove around Krokop in that given lorong (street) but never found a no. 13. This doesn’t mean the house is not there as any Mirian knows how mess up the addresses given to houses are in Krokop.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in renting this particular house, give me an indication in this forum and I’ll disclose the lorong. The reason for not mentioning it here is to protect the owner of such a house if the place is NOT really haunted at all. :roll:

Yes…agree with Thyrius. Better buy a house than rent. Buy a new detach house monthly instalment is around RM1000-RM1200.

Ho too-wee in not a mirian to FYI i just rented a double storey semi d house in permyjaya for RM 600 only with aircond 3 units, so i think Pujut 7 RM 1200 is way to high coz 2 weeks back in pujut 7 and pujut 8 double storey was only going at RM 600 - 650 , plz do let me know if u need help in finding a new hse might intro u my hse agent. tq

it is too costly…