Relian Mascara - RM 27 - Promotion! Stock Clearance!

[size=150]Relian Mascara - RM 27 - Promotion!! Stock Clearance!![/size]

[size=150]100% Natural & Water Proof !![/size]

[size=150]Descriptions [/size]

An extremely NOVEL CONCEPT ON EYELASH BUSHY can enhance your eyelash up to 300% in a moment. In the same time, it create an unexpected curl radians, an unbelievable makeup result. It will make you live in the magic of wonder.

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Transplanting Gel - Very fit, texture supple and comfortable, Can easily create unlimited flawless slender eyelashes. The formula combines the adhesion of the polymer with a magical, give you a perfect makeup result.

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Natural fibers - 100% natural, like the natural growth of the eyelashes, will not produce any stimulation of the eyes.

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[size=150]Instruction [/size]

–> First, brush the lashes with an Transplanting Gel; Before the gel is dry, brush a posible amount of natural fiber at the end to the roots of the eyelashes.

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–> Apply transplanting gel evenly on your eyelashes.

–> 150%2

–> Apply a posible amount of natual fiber in the front third of the eyelashes.


Cleasing Methods
Use warm water put on the eyelashes, wait for a few second, the film wrapped on the eyelashes will be soften, blink your eye softly, the material will drop from your eyelashes. Does not leave any cleansing mark around your eyes.

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