[ Recommended ] A Miri's Photographer?

A friend recommend this website to me…


he is GOOD,some might find his works a bit over PP but we cant deny he is one of the best in Miri,highly recommended :smiley:

***i know nothing about this guy and never come accross his works.Maybe he is from Miri,maybe not.Just sharing,proud of him too. :wink:

my old lecturer last time~my4to

thanks for the reply KVReninem,at least i know someone is interested in the topic :slight_smile:

I know him, and I think he’s posted on these forums asking about car jack stands before… :wink:

Hey that website looks familiar! :slight_smile:

Thanks my4to for the kind words, good to see KVReninem again too!

no problem George,just sharing good thing with forumer here :smiley:

GeorgeTing, wanna work with you can ha? wanna learn fashion photography :smiley:

Miri Photographer?
i think Dassolve is quite good…