Recommendation of mirrorless camera

What is NFC?

Forget GF6. NEX 5 bigger sensor, better low light performance.

NFC stands for near field communication. is an additional function where u can directly transfer files n pictures among nfc devices by getting them close to each other. mostly on non iOS devices like android smartphones also have it.

[quote=“flying_ta”]Just wanna get an opinion. What is the best mirrorless camera that u guys wud recommend?
Very interested in getting one as DSLR is kinda complicating. :P[/quote]

I know the thread is quite old… :o But maybe people here are still alive. I want to buy my first DSL camera but I dont know anything is the topic. A colleague recommended me the Sony A77 II ( This camera looks great and it is the kind of big camera I am looking for but we don’t know the price yet and I cant compare with other brands/models cause I don’t know anything about cameras.

Hope someone could tell me his opinion about this camera / or recommend another one…

Thanks :slight_smile:

viewtopic.php?f=60&t=72199&p=697565#p697565 …I’m selling my pentax ko1 with all lenses and bag… wanna test…msg saya 019-4833547

I go between Nikon 1 or Canon EOS M…

look for IS inside the camera body instead of lens…so cheaper lens

am considering eos-m and sony a6000…

Olympus EPM2 and Panasonic GM1 is very good for beginner, cheap price and light body.

They have some of the widest lens line up in mirrorless too.