Recommendation for the best Ayam Penyet in Miri?

Hi guys, where can i find the best Ayam Penyet Miri has to offer? Any recommendation?


How much is the Ribs Penyet ? & where you ate it?

Around RM12-ish I guess, at the Curve.

all i can recommend is to try lalapan ikan.

Muara’s lalapan ikan is nice. but i dun recommend lalapan ayam cos my friends got the chicken almost rotten with worm (ulat). sometime we notice that they fried the chicken early (half cook) and leave it behind the restaurant. when people order lalapan ayam, they will fried it until its cook.

also can try ayam penyet @ the restaurant next to bank islam, epf (forgot the name).
the other restaurant depend on the sambal. sometimes its nice, sometimes its not.

all i can say is that most of them very inconsistent with their cooking…

I have this feeling for Muara (particularly near Imperial Mall), once I went to the back for toilet, the hygiene just not pleasing me. U mean Cafenika is it? Ya I’m considering to try it in near time, I’ve heard they offer quite nice Ayam Penyet. Perhaps the inconsistency u stated caused by the cook’s shift?

You can lalapan try at Shukie at Piasau :slight_smile:

Puma sera restaurant… You can try it…

I personally love the one at Surabaya Restaurant beside Dr Aziz.

I noticed both restaurant muara now serve less rice to be served with their Lalapan.

Shukie lalapan is ok , sambal quality is consistent

For lalapan keli, request for smaller keli cos it is sweeter. They will give u two small.

Some restaurant dun boiled or steamed the veggie.

Bintulu they have ayam bakar with some sambal or kuah satay.
similar to ayam percik in malaysia

Thanks for all the recommendations, definitely useful infos. But I still persist on seeking for Ayam Penyet here in Miri, it may looks similar with Lalapan but the serving style is different. Plus in Sabah I heard there’s a similar menu called Nasi Lelap.

Sayasuka MYY Mall penyet is nice…like the sambal

surabaya not bad. If still insist pendekar mustar then go brunei ayam penyet :slight_smile:

btw sayasuka serve what food?

[quote=“Christ14”]surabaya not bad. If still insist pendekar mustar then go brunei ayam penyet :slight_smile:

btw sayasuka serve what food?[/quote]

they serve local n western food…

For Brunei, I would go for Nasi Katok FTW!