Recommend cheap hotel in Brunei

I’m heading to Brunei (BSB) soon. Can anyone recommend me a hotel/Inn with reasonable price to stay for 1 night for just one person? Also how much?

Do you have your own transport and are you familiar with the place. If yes, you can consider staying in Jeruton Hotel in Jerudong. The cheapest room is below BND40. Or you want somewhere closer to Gadong or the CBD, you can consider traders inn which is at Beribi.

Jerudong to far from Bandar Seri Begawan, isn’t it?

not very far. ± 30 mins

Quite a distance. But if you want a place at Bandar Seri Begawan, perhaps you can try the renovated Brunei Hotel or Raddison Hotel but I’m not sure what is the rates.

I’ll be working till late night and want to drive to a hotel close by when I’m finish. So driving to Jerudong in the middle of the night not so ideal.

Perhaps you can try or

not very far. ± 30 mins[/quote]
I believe this distance is considered far. :mrgreen: