Real estate investment tips for those who aren't highly paid

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How could an income as low as RM600 per month could be successful in the real estate business?
I am sure you are right to wonder about? or just for the “title” GEMPAK-GEMPAK? hmm …

My answer is always right! and I’ll show you how.

Before this there may be among us who feel that the real estate industry is not for them, because
the people who are in this investment is the most rich and even their most-wage jobs because
they can afford to buy a house or bungalow costly.

Some people say if you want to succeed in this industry, we have to succeed first, I took it just be
investing in property. This rich business people, people who barely eat like we’re the type where
there is an opportunity here.

At first I also thought so, but after my “air-chating” with a woman entrepreneur and real estate
investor, I began to formulate a strategy to “mempraktiskannya”. Ever heard of popular words below?;

"I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you MIGHT as well think big. "


“You not have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

If you’ve been watching the series “The Apprentice”, Donald Trump sure you know, a lot of
the above words inspire the entrepreneurs to build a “mind set” outstanding entrepreneurs.

So start today start with something small but the result would be something great,
let him take the 3.5 or even 10 years. The important thing you can achieve it.

A case of a “study” from an ordinary woman, who does not have an excellent educational
background as his friends. Her name is Heather. Rosmawati or fondly kak Ros.
An entrepreneur who at once an ordinary worker and it all began at the end of 1998.

At that time he began to think how he could change his family and get out of poverty
tradition. He worked as a kindergarten assistant who earns RM600 a month.

Time is very difficult family situation and are demanding kak ros started independently and
start saving.

How kak ros save? Perhaps many of us who save the extra money, but kak ros strident
efforts to save the money. He knew that to be successful he needed a sacrifice.
He began planning to start small businesses. What business kak Ros?

I was not given information about it. From what has been written by him, the business
is able to profit of RM17.50 cents a day. Of business profits, he continues to keep
live undisturbed. Every day he can see more double his money.

If counted, regardless of the amount of his savings he was able to save
RM17.50 x 30 days = RM525.00 per month. Within a year he was able to collect RM6’300 .00 dollars.
In 5 years he could collect RM6’300 .00 x 5 years = .00 31’500 dollars.
After that then he started looking around for investment opportunities that feels worthwhile.

From his point of view only properties only able to double his money in a short time.
But there is a problem too, with that kind of money if the property can be bought?

Finally he was able to buy special offers lots of valuable land RM30, 000 with an
area of 5’000 square feet.

At first he just bought without doing anything. After some time the right business plan,
ultimately the types of agricultural land has been cultivated for penternakkan goats.

With his determination embroidery, which bought the land capable of raising nearly 200
goats available for sale. History sweet for him as much as 70 heads of sheep sold for sacrificial feast.

From the information given, each goat sold at RM800.00 x 70 pieces = .00 RM56’000.
Of profit has opened more opportunities for him and his family on. After two and a
half years working on The Cattle rearing.

Come an entrepreneur from Kuala lumpur who want to buy businesses. He offered
RM500, 000 to sell the business ternakkannya, initially quite difficult to make the decision,
but after thought back to the opinion of a family member. He has sold his business to the agreed price.

Kak Rose so start with that kind of money to buy some more cheap land, cheap
and broken pecahkanya. After the sale to those who want to buy it in the form of plots.

With this kind of technique he now has accumulated assets worth RM6 million and
in the form of land and 3.2 million in the form of commercial real estate as in the
majority of homes for rent.

All tired quieten his breathing was now worth it, sometimes He remembered the first
time to invest first. Miss it feels like to sweat play for first. Although success is not as
great as others, but persistence and determination to continue to work it must be exemplary.

Sorry for incorrect grammar if any. Not easy translating an article.

Thank you so much for imparting those ideas about real estate investment. Personally, I would say that real estate investment take absolutely no risks.Just buying or selling any real estate at all yourself will fetch some profit!

should be she instead of he and should be her instead of him…anyway, its a great article ! Thanks !

in reality… where to find land nowadays in sarawak? the unoccupied one all were given to tycoons by the white hair… if not, surely alot of people can do their own small scale rearing businesses. at least there is source of income.

but lands are took over for plantation… local cant work there as it is commercially not attractive. only the tycons who run the company get the profits. foreigners doing the hard labour as cheap workforce.