Re: Rough Collie Puppies for sale

1 male & 2 female
Puppies are born on 30/05/2011
Pls. sms 0128839668 if you are interested of this pure rare breed.

Very nice dogs!!

Although I’d imagine that they must feel really hot with all those fur in our climate hahaha.

Do they have a strong smell??

How much for male puppy?

pm me ur price for male… thanks.

awesome dogs.

puppy at 11 days

puppies at 1 month old.


Puppy at 6 weeks old.

how much ??

How much?

hw much???

Puppies at 6 weeks old.


so big lol, chubby and cute too lol…

Puppies at 6 weeks old.[/quote]Hey Zhiimail,

Which one is the “gift” to me? Wink-wink :wink: :mrgreen:

Beautiful dog you have…

may i knw either your puppy still available?