Razer Lachesis

Any1 using this mouse ? Besides the light on the scroll button and snake logo is there a light on the sensor underneath the mouse? cuz my dun have light oh…

You mean the sensor that normally got red light one ah? Laser mouse no have light one :mrgreen:

ya the red light tat normally a mouse have.Means my lachesis is normal for not having light underneath it cuz its a 3g laser sensor?

yes… I also got one E-View Cheap laser mouse… no light also one

lols omg e view…ahahah

laser mouse memang no light thr. if got then not normal…

ok clear nw
laser mouse=no light
optical mouse=got light
thanx all for the supportive info

Lachisis… NOt a good mouse, price sky high, performance so so… click is too soft Or i shoudl say over sensitive a bit. Mouse body too light… just don’t see any outstanding worth to mention besides just a brand name and few people diccuss about it which I believe most people don’t even own one like me did previously.

lols i love it
lols its a LV of mouse
hahaha think im gotta go get mamba soon hahahha…
in total lachesis is nice~!@

O…now i know lace is a sakai…

Lols 2223 de pink bikini guo tou nice ah…hahahah…

lace also guo tou hin ah…

lols me no play hin de
Razer lachesis
my testi is the 3g laser sounds too sensitive
the 4000 dpi is useless to me as its too fast for low sensitivity player like.
still on the way of venturing sometimes it tends to hard to swipe dunno y sometimes i swipe the cursor don go where i wan…
im using razer exactmat as surface dunno y like tat…
isnt tat lachesis is good to use on hard surface?
issit better to use it on clothes surface?
Haiz…need to buy another razer product again…

maybe mamba and another cloth surface.