Raya Promotion for Car Detailing

Raya Promotion : Exterior / Interior Car Detailing from RM250.00. T & C apply
Kindly contact Mr. Song at 017 - 801 3339 for further information.
Wash and wax also provided at our outlet with just additional RM10.00 only :o .
Do welcome your visit and give a try on our services, which you won’t regret on what you had spent in our outlet.

What works involves in car detailing?


Eventually our full detailing services that we are carrying are as follows:-
i) Engine bay and bonnet cleaning;
ii) Wheel and fender underneath cleaning;
iii) Door side and every single bodywork gap cleaning; &
iv) Claying, paint correction and waxing
i) Cushion / leather seats cleaning and treatment for leather seats;
ii) Carpets cleaning; &
iii) Dashboard / doorboard cleaning and treatment

Our objective and goal in bringing this business is not simply to clean your vehicle, but to protect it from the abuses of daily driving, and thus to assist in retaining its value, and to help preserve it for years of future driving enjoyment in better than showroom condition.

For these reasons, we are working hard to help and teach the automotive users the proper way in maintaining their investments, in addition wish to get more users familiar with Swissvax and also our services.

Hence, we decided to have some promotions during coming Raya as what we’d posted recently and work tasks involve during promotion period are as follows:-
i) General cleaning for engine bay and door side; &
ii) Claying, paint correction and waxing
i) Cushion / leather seats cleaning and treatment
ii) Carpet cleaning

That’s all for that one and thanks for your interest in Swissvax!!

How long would I need to send my car to you? whole day? or how? Do you do pick-ups and delivery upon completion? What are your office hours? Does this include a car wash, wax n polish?


You have to leave your vehicle for a day (approximately 5 - 6 hrs). We do provide the pick-up and delivery services, and our normal operation hours is from 9am-6pm. Yes, the price quoted including those services.

Thank you.

Interesting. but what do you mean by paint correction.? u can remove scratches on car or what?.

Good day

Yes, we are removing scratches, but we are not encouraging to remove the deep scracthes cause the clear coat of the vehicle also become thinner once the polishing is carry out. Deep scracthes can be lessen from time to time (i.e after 1 year) by the followings polishing.

Thank you.