Raya free gifts redemption for celcom user! Going to end

my fellow friends
celcom users don’t miss out the deals
for both celcom prepaid xpax and postpaid user
gifts are available till 30 June only

Hahah thanks fren!
Yea I’m a celcom user and I already claimed the rewards
such as legoland, zalora and fave

They should have offer discount for monthly bills, instead of reward something that we might no need.

Geez, Legoland is in Johor, have to travel far sia…
Btw, what is fave???

Celcom line is weak recently…

Fave is buffet deals
mayb got good promo with buffet deals
if cheap then worth it because buffet is easy for gatherings

i prefer zalora because easier to shop
only xpax and celcom users can get
min rm100 get 20% discount already

i may prefer some free data streaming
useful for their users cause some people don’t like to shopping online

the promotions is nt that convenience to users
hard to redeem online actually

but 90% of the generations now go online
so I think it’s reasonable to give these deals

Guys today is the last day of the promotions deals
so hurry up and go grab for vouchers
better than nothing right ? *blink

Not really… the last day is until end of july…
dont misleading others… i still saw the promotion running…

@vernice True… modern country, everyone cannot live without online…
that is why online shopping is so famous… telco are so clever collaboration with them…
but at the end we are customer are benefits the most… thank you celcom give voucher to their customer…

But they offer different kind of vouchers and discount.
There must be at least one that suitable to you and others.
Btw, giving discount is not possible as I never heard that any other telco giving discount to reward loyal users.

Last few week they faced some technical issue with the 3G network…
Now should be ok d… Mine was fine since last 2 week.