[RAVE] The Borneo Xmas Bash 24th December 2007


Event Write Up
Christmas has been a little bit dull in Miri these past few years, and as wel all know, Christmas is the celebration of joy and giving. Providing a good event and at the same time to promote Miri as a place to enjoy good events with good Electronic Dance Music is our main objective of forming the company, and together collaborating with Tribezone Events we are confident that this years Christmas in Miri is going to be much merrier than before! Especially with DJ X-Statik all the way from Melbourne as our main attraction and the local home town boys, Cbell J and Frequency K will be spinning their special Christmas collection to impress the local and tourist.

DJ Lineup:
Frequency K (Miri) 9.30pm - 11.00pm
X-statik (Melbourne) vs Cbell J (Miri) 11.00pm onwards

DJ Profiles:

X-Statik has been a huge hit on the Melbourne dance floors sinse he first blasted onto the scene at the ripe old age of 18. Since then, the now 21 year old has earned himself residencies at Melbournes top hard dance clubs, 3D, Bubble and PHD, making him a very busy DJ.

He has had the chance to play at some of the biggest events Melbourne has to offer, on the same stage as names such as Scot Project, Warp Brothers, M.I.K.E Push, Derb/Kan Cold, Cosmic Gate, Dumonde, Breeze & Styles, Jon O’Callaghan, Randy Katana, Chris Liberator, The Geezer, Dave Lea, Scott Bond, Mallorca Lee, David Forbes (Public Domain), DJ Dean, D-Jean D, Trevor McLachlan and Dave Joy. From Pharmacy to Digital, a mainstage at Kryal Castle, and a previous trip to Malaysia to play at HardSequence, the youngsters impressive list of past events
speaks for itself.

Making his name for playing hard trance and hardstyle, his now signature sound is an electro, sometimes psy and tribal influenced tech trance. With massive buildups, funky phatt basslines, crunching percussion and a rythm made for shuffling feet! Driving and relentless, but with the perfect touch of phatt electro tech to slow things down, he creates the perfect atmosphere and energy on any dance floor!

Get ready as he brings pure ecstacy through his sound, to the island in the clouds!

Website: http://www.thedjlist.com/djs/X-STATIK/events

Cbell J
Sarawak, East Malaysia has secretly bred a new breed of Borneo animal Cbell J. His first debut in front of party animals was back in 2004, and now he is one of the Top 20 most voted DJs in www.thedjlist.com in Malaysia. Armed with his rapidfire mixing skills and gruesome beats, he has been earning residencies in Miris top dance clubs such as Balcony, V.GAS and Thai Bar, and also the first Mirian to open for Bass Agents (KL) in 2007.

After his explosive debut at Mass Corrosion, with Bass Agents. CbellJ have been working diligently but assuredly into a notable position as East Malaysias bang-bass diplomats. This big exposure has broadened his style into more mixing styles and tricks. His second debut mix, Dark euphoria was amazingly reaching about 3000 downloads every month and is hosted by Malaysias very own high profile DJ community, www.foundationkl.org.

Inspired by face pounders like Eddie Halliwell, Antoine Clamaran, Robbie Rivera, Grady G, Ben Stevens, Sandy Warez and Boris S; and with this he’s been making huge waves with a distinctive selection of hard style, hard dance, hard trance. hard NRG, and hard techno. Hard beats that will get your adrenaline pumping and well definitely be keeping an eye on this 22 year old.


Event Details

Date: 24th December 2007
Venue: Miri Indoor Stadium
Time: 8.30 Onwards!

Ticket Price: RM25 (Presale)
RM35 (Door Sale)

Heineken Beer Promotion - RM8 PER BOTTLE!
Liquor Promotion - To Be Updated

This will be the ultimate Christmas party of the year, do not miss it because you will be having the party of your life with the PHD resident DJ.

For More Information, Please contact:
013 570 7979
019 824 7979

Wow, 5 days before the Miri Rave Party countdown, how close could that be?

I know that frequency k guy…

He works in Bintang if not mistaken…

i tot this one door sale should be rm30 as per cbell??

xpect alot of fighting after d party…
kids these dayz…
buy 1 bottle beer but share wit a few frenz.
abit drunk start to talk rubbish…
heh, hope there will b some security…

wa… this year a lot of rave party ooo

[quote=“haroldz”]xpect alot of fighting after d party…
kids these dayz…
buy 1 bottle beer but share wit a few frenz.
abit drunk start to talk rubbish…
heh, hope there will b some security…[/quote]

security got…those who wants to make trouble there will get trouble from the security…hehe…

Woot! Christmas rave…this is gona be the 1st christmas eve party in the town ever…wont miss this 1…and salute X-Statik! One of the best dj in Australia~~ :smiley: :smiley:

It’s up to the individual to judge this event. for me, i see there’s no harm in having beer around cos it’s a thing that needs to be there. if no beer is serve then there’s no fun bah.

you can only feel the high if you’ve have drink abit, and not when u’re fully concious.

at the end of the day, it’s up to you. if you feel that this kinda event is troublesome then dun go. but then if you like to party and you’re alright if such things do happen, then go for it! we cannot control everything by ourselves.

Yea agreed with ericltkong. We drink to enjoy the atmosphere not to fight. Wish the crowd are all happy crowd. Dun mess around. :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah I suggest play hard but have your limits…

No one’s king of violence ya…

In the end, everyone loses

Wow…!!! I will highlight this event in our portal (http://www.rumahdayak.com)

Then i think this event is gona be big! Woot woot!

Don’t forget… the Indoor Stadium is BIG too :smiley:

Yup it is going to be big. We, Cabell Enterprise are not only Event planners, but also Artise Managers. In Sarawak, We represent a lot of those major DJs in Melbourne, KL and other parts of the countries. So in the future, you can expect big Shot DJs to come down to miri and spin for you :slight_smile: What you have to do is just support our events, and also other events organized by other organizers. We need more events in miri, especially focusing on Electronic Dance Music. There are more genres to be shown to the Miri crowd.

I hope you guys will be around to assist us to celebrate next year’s City Day.

I hope you guys will be around to assist us to celebrate next year’s City Day.[/quote]

I hope we will too. Great events will come. Meanwhile, please show support for all the events in Miri. Without your supports, there will be no events. :slight_smile:

Go BXB! u got my support!

woooooooooO!!! hard dance!!!

I Love Miri and I Love BXB. LoL~