Raids of Online E-club in Lahad Datu, Sabah

Dear all,

Once again, Online E-club Management Sdn. Bhd has successfully raided 2 outlets of Cyber Cafe in Lahad Datu, whereby miss used the infringement computer game software - Counter Strike Source & Left 4 Dead dated: 29th Octorber, 2009. These raids were conducted by the RO ( Raid officer) from Ministry of Domestic Trade And Consumer’s Affairs together with the complainer ( Representative of Online E-Club Management Sdn. Bhd) and successfully seize 84 units of Pc ( Client Pc) as well as 4 units of Servers with the total cost of RM 240,000.00.

The 2 cyber cafe operators will be discharged under the Copyright Act of 1987 of Infringement Software or product. Online E-club Management will be concerntrate on Cyber Cafe operators time to time and belief will conduct the raids in Sarawak a month from now and has lock the target especially in Bintulu, Sibu, as well as Kuching.