Radio Channel: Traxxfm 104.5

Agree. It is more like a gossip station now. Used to tune to the then Channel 4 but no longer with traxx.
btw, can we still receive CapitalFM in Miri? On what frequency? :P[/quote]
yes…we can still received Capital FM(Using Car Radio) in Miri it is 101.70 u can only listen it in some part of miri like…Senadin,Permyjaya,Some areas downtown…bt not really clear :frowning: …go to Miri Port then it is clear…

[quote=“JongawOlya”]Well… whenever I decided to stop playing my favorite CDs (too much of good music) and decided to switch to Radio station… Definitely I am looking forward for DJs companion. Therefore, craps or no craps (news)… I am enjoying it. :slight_smile:

I miss listening to CapitalFM though. :)[/quote]

Try… DJ Ezan & DJ Frankie are not bad… I love their choices of songs… :wink: