Radio Channel: Traxxfm 104.5

Hello guys,

Just wondering if you guys out there listen to Traxxfm (104.5)?
No big reason for the posting. Just wondering if there’s any Traxxfm fans out here in MiriCommunity. :slight_smile:

Care to share?

Used to listen to but now no more… more craps than real musics. Sorry but that’s my opinion.

Have a nice day. :wink:

heh heh heh yup - it craps the hell out of me.
No worries.

Anyway, it helps to brighten up some of my boring days. :slight_smile:

I listen to CapitalFM more. I’ve never liked Traxx. The DJs are constantly yapping about among themselves as if they do not have listeners.

i only listen to traxxfm in the morning when drive on my way to work.

vixious right. sometimes the DJ plays some %^(&%$$*? songs???
and makes me wonder “what the ??”

It used to be great… But, those DJs are getting more and more proud of themselves I think. There are few times I heard them criticize ppl, laughing at others as if they’re looking down on ppl on national radio. I mean, what the heck is that for?

There was an incident whereby they made a joke out of the late Princess Diana… and this foreigner ( believe to be Briton ) called up and ask them to apologize. They try to divert the topic but in the end they still apologized. But, you can hear that they are not so sincere… giggling here and there… :frowning:

Now I prefer of Brunei more than… :slight_smile:

I much prefer Mix.Fm over Astro… very nice and many music… I very recommend it. Hehehe…

As for others, yeah I prefer Brunei one. Much better. I think RedFM Sarawak in english also not bad.

Traxx FM is more yapping than music. The worst is probably the Mac & Pat segment. Thank goodness for Howard Stern!

Agree. It is more like a gossip station now. Used to tune to the then Channel 4 but no longer with traxx.
btw, can we still receive CapitalFM in Miri? On what frequency? :stuck_out_tongue:

hardly get the channel in miri i guess…

go online if u miss capital fm

It used to be that we can leech this off Brunei airwaves, but they’ve shut that service down. I listen to it online.

Wow - Yup, now it reminds me of why I change to Traxxfm.
Cause they cut us off CapitalFM.

Thanks for the link Ian.
Will check it out.

still listen ka?
wot is the frequencies?
i listen to it in d office tru online le

aiseh didnt read d latest posts… sorry

i used to listen it oso…
no wonder our english is crap…radio dj are d cause!!

i only like traxxfm when roundHead & dd on the air… :smiley:

Also previously listening to Capital FM before it was cut-off. Since then, i’ve decided to switch to Traxx FM.
The musics are ok but don’t like the DJs which I think are quite annoying especially the Morning crews.
Decided to switched to the Chinese channel AiFM since > 2 years ago.

Why bother tune to capital FM when there are tons more radio station that plays more music than listening to the DJs?

Listen to your choice of station right here folks:

Hey Geekguy…

Thanks for sharing… :mrgreen:

I agree, I used to love CapitalFM alot! But I dint know why they cut us off! Well rite now I’m listen to TraxxFM (Because thats one of the only station I can listen to clearly) … I really hate it actually … DJ’s yapping so much about their TraxxMobile, theirselfs and playing the lame same songs everyday. I sometimes listen to the Brunei FM…

[quote=“Geekguy”]Why bother tune to capital FM when there are tons more radio station that plays more music than listening to the DJs?

Listen to your choice of station right here folks:[/quote]

CapitalFM DJs are enjoyable.

Well… whenever I decided to stop playing my favorite CDs (too much of good music) and decided to switch to Radio station… Definitely I am looking forward for DJs companion. Therefore, craps or no craps (news)… I am enjoying it. :slight_smile:

I miss listening to CapitalFM though. :slight_smile: