Racial bigot spewing hatred


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“don’t talk shat, i .i …i i. …i .ii i i i …i i i… i .i .i …ii repeat, don’t talk shat, 3 time” (1:07)

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signs of tremble while talking

Sacrifice? Haaaaaah!.. stttt ooo ooo oooo pppp ttt t tttt aaaaa llll kkkkk kkkk ii iiii iiinnn gggg shi.t!!!

Dear Laura,

Correction. We dont need to change direction. We need to change leader. From A - Z.

FYI, the fatty dude who spits out the word shittt is Ibrahim Ali. Ex-UMNO member barred from UMNO for life, won a parliamentary seat under PAS ticket and became independent whilst supporting UMNO. Founder of Perkasa.

a frog who’s spitting image like Gus Dur


Lol!! wear smart and cursing … Lol!!

dddoonttttt talkkkkk shittt…LOL LOL…very LOL…

he should have just said, don’t talk rubbish…but still very rough in his position of academic.

but I know it’s true they are bias against highly potential students not from their race like neglecting straight A’s students for a borderline or almost fail student from their race. it’s not logical and happening in the country.

it’s more appalling to see our prime minister are not doing anything to this malay racial sentiment created by ibrahim ali.

u know what would happen if other race(s) were to create this kind of sentiment towards malay - especially the chinese.

since when the bumiputra = malays?
i believe the bumiputra are referring to the dayak people and orang asli…
who has been here long time ago…

no pain no gain,if the leader kept spoon feeding them…
how are they gonna improve?


ghost, i was thinking the same thing… :lol:

hmm…dun start things dat shudn’t have been started…

we dun really have this racism war going on…foreign medias has always been like this. searching for something to ignite the fire…n when it starts to spread, they will simply move into the background and smile, while we perang sana, perang sini…dun be fooled by them, spreading these things.

dun forget wat happens between palestine & israel? this is a war between the natives n non-natives…mind you, we also still classify ourselves this way, rite?
bumiputra usually gets more bcos of nativity…the supposed owners of the land. non-bumi also gets parts of malaysia, rite? not that bumi’s conquer it all…jus look around MIRI CITY ITSELF…count the shop, do a race statistic on their owners…u’ll get the picture…

so, dun ignite the fire, fuel it with hatred…or u’ll get burnt along later… :wink:

If you are Bumi/Malay, your comments pretty much means nothing in this issue. If you are not, it means you are either delusional or naive. There is a difference between an educated view and an ignorance view. In australia Aboriginees are the native yet they dont have the privileges that Bumi/Malays get here. To begin with why Malays get the privileges when they are not even the native to begin with. In australia they treat everyone equally. And if u can compete, improve urself. Stop waiting for handouts like a beggar. The foreigners media may like to dig for something to say, but it doesnt mean what they said are baseless or lies. Stop yapping around thinking one race/religion should have more privileges than the other. Everyone is equal in god’s eye in everyone religion i belief unless you are saying yours arent!

Yup, you sacrifice so much. You sent your own kid using the gov’s money to outside world so that the chinese have more place stay. We thank you so much. Hope you rot in your bed soon.


ok, how about the world do something like this;

the whites move out from australia & new zealand to cater for the native aborigines and maoris, after all, the whites conquered their lands. traditional religions are to be restored.

the whites move out from canada & usa to return that lands to the american indians, after all, the whites conquered their lands. traditional religions are to be restored.

the russians vacate all lands east of ural mountains, after all, these lands are originally tatars and mongoloid people conquered by moscovite tsardom. mongolic and tataric religions are to be restored.

the arabs move out from north africa, and northern middle east, after all, these lands belong to the blacks, berbers, nubians, copts, assyrians, persians, kurdish, maronites. islam is to be retreated to only arabian peninsular and traditional religions restored to north africa from morocco to jordan, zoroastrian restored to iran & iraq, hinduism restored to pakistan and bangladesh, and buddhism restored to afghanistan.

the kosovans return the lands to serbia, after all, that lands is the ‘cradle of civilization for serbs’, where they originated. serbian orthodox religion is to be restored. islam is to be retreated from kosovo, albania and turkey in europe which traditional religions are to be restored.

china to return tibet to the tibetans, after all, tibet only comes under china during the manchu dynasty. china to absorb all overseas chinese and india to absorb all overseas indians.

all industries and wealth owned by whosoever are to be moved back to their ‘racial origin place’ this is to make ensure europe, china, india and arabs reap the benefits of their people’s efforts, though the former 3 did produce achievements and the last one only plunder oil & gas from others native lands.

so, fair enough? :mrgreen:

there is no native in this world unless we have a history book covering all migration & happening since adam/eve.

a prime example why we must reject any stupid ideology that comes from tanah melayu. Don’t get me wrong, not all of the things from west malaysia are bad, but things like this that can disrupt unity of Sarawak (Since i am from Sarawak, so I would leave sabah out of this, for now). we’ve been living well enough among the Dayaks, malay and Chinese for donkey years, and here comes a damn tanah melayu person on the media crying ‘doooonn’t ttaaaallkk s…hiiiiitttt’ with his so call non racial statements and so call a bumiputra defender… I mean seriously, I come from a family that believe in inter-racial marriage, and living well with different races and creed is not even a problem. They can’t even live with just 3 group of races… and to be honest, I don’t believe in 1malaysia… why? They talk 1malaysia, but they act as if one particular group of race in tanah melayu is supreme than the other… how? look at how certain political figure handle the church attacks incident. That person think-tanked 1malaysia, but when the real moment comes to resolve the matter, he hide behind his tail to step up and say “NO!, this is wrong, though I am of this religion, but you must respect the court’s ruling” well he didn’t say that… so that’s why when tanah melayu politician cry 1malaysia, it’s just their arse talking. And Change we must!

Main reason why we Sarawakian have to keep our Sarawakian values anywhere we go… the racial unity values! Any ideology that is not for the goodness of us Sarawakian, reject it!, we learn from them bigots on why we Sarawakian are much better than them. True that we may not have the best facilities that we could have, true that we may not have ‘good’ options of eating or shopping, but does that really matter when my good friends comes from many different races throughout Sarawak? Be it Iban, malay, Melanau, Chinese, Indian, Kelabit, Bisayak, Murut, Kenyah, Kayan, Sebob, Lun Bawang, Mirek and etc… to name a few…

why are we comparing ourself with Australia? or America? or Isreal? wtf does those countries have to do with us? Are we benchmarking our natives/dayaks with them? You guys are totally lost to compare our natives with them. Why? Find out why Sarawak/Sabah natives was important to tanah melayu… Without the Sarawakian/Sabahan natives, malaysia will not be malaysia, but rather only tanah melayu… reason being tanah melayu was so afraid of singapore joining to form malaysia because too many Chinese in sinagpore, so the ‘bumiputra’ politician in tanah melayu will dfinately not win votes, so who do they look into for ‘bumiputra’? Sarawak and Sabah. Our natives are categorized as bumiputra because we come from this land, Borneo. I am not saying dayaks are more superior than other minority races in Sarawak, but rather trying to give an example why our natives in Sarawak should not be compared to those of other countries. So my fellow Sarawakians, be proud of who we are, without us, malaysia is not even malaysia… but those politician in tanah melayu lupak2 ingat about us.

So to me this thread is nothing more than a lesson we Sarawakian should learn from on how they are towards their own tanah melayu kinsmen. I am proud to be Sarawakian even though they label me ‘People who lives on trees’.

Hahahaha hes rapping " Iiiiii…iii…iii…i.i.i.i. shhiiit myyyy paaannnntsss"

woooooooo…i really started something here huh? i think most of u read my post in a slightly wrong way. and i apologize for that…(please read my post this time with a “happy tone” instead of “angry tone”… :slight_smile: )

my main point was don’t take on examples from wat’s happening elsewhere & getting to think we, Sarawakians or Mirians to be specific, have this racial things going on…this maybe a small glitch but it can be cancerous if ignored n fed with negative thinking.

“dun forget wat happens between palestine & israel? this is a war between the natives n non-natives”
i didnt even say anything about any ‘racial bloodbath’ here in our hometown…i was referring those countries. it was jus a glimpse of a future if we keep the racial thing going on here…

my examples too didnt intend to highlight any hidden truth but just to emphasize on how multiracially tolerate we are here…regardless our religion too…

as for calling me names, hmm…i have no idea wat is a “cow head protester”…n i dun belong or prefer any political party in malaysia…oh yeah, i was also labelled “People who lives in trees” by my frens in peninsular…

besides, if you have lived in kl, u’ll realize actually there’s no such thing like wat the reporter said. chinese, indians, bumis share tables during lunch though they dont know each other…elbows touching, shoulders rubbing…maybe they are too busy to think bout races for a start…

hmm…up to u guys to take me for wat i am through my opinions, but it was wat it was & open to discussion…