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At e-mart, friend just bought one this afternoon for RM90 clearance stock. :mrgreen:

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[size=200]Quad multirotor day.[/size]
See my buddy happy enjoy bunch of quad and some recently bought at Emart at stock clearance sale today. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:













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Drc yesterday in stock quick get it

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any1 hav leads where i can get dis type of mini 4wd tamiya model in miri or bintulu?
i like astute
mini 4wd trend going up alredi n i wan to join them race in bintulu.

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Try check out at “Siong Lee” 2 storey shop. They sell bunch of Tamiya mini 4WD and Auldey plus option parts. Few blocks away is “Toys World” they also sell mini 4wd mostly Tamiyas. All located at Pelita district notable where Imperial Palace located.

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[size=200]My best cloudy adventure for 2013. [/size]
2013 already reach its end and its time to greet hello to 2014 soon. Here i want to share beautiful memories of 2013 flight. Had a great epic adventure R/C in my life, get the best seat in the world viewing beautiful places, surfing the skies, flying through tunnels of clouds, enjoying the big blue world of wonder and share this happy moment with friends and family.

[size=150]Video: My epic cloudy adventure, the clouds are my playground.[/size]
Flying through tunnels of clouds, gliding through the white wall, punching in and surfing about inside my P-51D Mustang. A dream come true for every people who dream about it. A cooperation between man and my engineered technology.


[size=150]Video: My long range flight and oceanic adventure.[/size]
Long range adventure over open lands and ocean even under stormy wet weather. Sometime got stuck inside wondering about until i could find a hole to escape out, it was best flight experience.



Drc yesterday in stock quick get it[/quote]
DRC toys?? 3 days ago i sms-ed them and they told me will restock in 2 weeks XD
u mean v929 or v262?? any links??

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This is unreal … inverted flying Quad??


asked a seller in lelong, he told me the V929 is replaced by other models dy, so it wouldn’t come out anymore??
other options are v212 and v929, which one betteR???

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[size=300]3D Printer!!!Its a 3D PRINTER!!! Maximum awesomenessss!!![/size]
Sorry for late reply, been busy playing around with my 3D Printer, yes it print solid object!!. ABS Plastic. Now i can fabricate my own R/C parts and other customized stuff.
Purchashing 3D printer was uncalled for wasn’t in my expectation. My sister husband came to my house for a stay then he took out this cool 3D Printer for tunning to showcase to his client at manufacturing firm. So i hang around and watch this stuff building plastic ABC and other cool parts. 2 days cannot sleep well being poisoned by what i’m seeing…the next day i was like “Here take my moneh!” :mrgreen: :mrgreen: So its mine now. Buying a 3D printer is like buying a big motorbike…$$$$$$$$&@&^$%&^%Q$ really flew off from my pocket…the price was shocking… :cry: :cry: Building and fabricating 3D parts and object needs 3D skills so lucky my other main hobby was 3D design and modelling so i have no problem fabricating an object in 3D. The 3D printer took average 30 minutes to print small parts. Will take 15 hours to print a Gundam models. Buying 3D printer solve my problem getting R/C parts, heli, plane cars and also some parts for my cycling need. Below are photos of my 3D Printer doing tis stuff:

My 3D printing stuff…epic coolness! :mrgreen:













Drc yesterday in stock quick get it[/quote]
DRC toys?? 3 days ago i sms-ed them and they told me will restock in 2 weeks XD
u mean v929 or v262?? any links??[/quote]

From mymegastation, he “back ordered” V929 so added extra money for such “priority” service. He already received it on Saturday with bunch of lipo and spare stuff. If you don’t pay them by advance they will never put a serious order or restock.

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[size=200]My Hubsan X4/V939 project, 3D printing micro quad chassis.[/size]

Wanted to have a smaller and lightweight quad micro quad for future project. So i printed a small micro chassis for my next micro quad. Took 1 hour to print. The end product was nice and smooth. Looks like i no longer need to buy new set of quad from hobby shop. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:












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waaaaa…can make 1 and sell to me? i want mini one… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Sure can but have to charge the workmanship and material. :mrgreen:

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pm me best price 1st bro…i want easy control one can stable in the air :stuck_out_tongue:

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[size=200]Home made DIY POWER BANK made from R/C Junk, 10x better than commercial version.[/size]
I was shopping around for Power Bank for my tablet, realising it cost hundreds of ringgit to buy, so i decided not to buy and save my money… so instead i building my own Power Bank out of my R/C junks that i got in my inventory for less than RM15 worth of effort. Using unused 5V/5A BEC module i solder XT60 lipo plug and tablet plug then connect to high discharge rate 11.1v 40C lipo battery i get most reliable and super fast charging my phone and tablet. Just 10 minutes of work i got ultimate home made powerbank and portable tablet charge 10x better than commercial ones hehehehee… So before you throw away your R/C stuff go recycle it into usefull everyday appliances. :mrgreen:

My DIY Power Banks

  • 12~48 hours full usage stamina playing games, video and surf the net. (Depending battery capacity)
    -30min complete full charging a tablet.


Oh i don’t have a complete quad with electronic ready to fly for sell, all for personal use only. I can only sell you the chassis only if you want.


came back home late with a box of surprise waiting for me…but when i open the box really potong stim, ordered v949, got v212 instead… :cry:
but since i’m lazy to wait anymore, i’ll just take this model then.any mods/precaution i could do with it first?? bought 1 extra lipo, the plug is abit loose as well :?

my first experience with quad after v911, quad is really so damn powerful…i apply throttle a bit the quad is about to crash to the ceiling dy
and is it normal for the quad yaw very very slowly when at 20%?

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Congratulation on your new quad :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .
Yup V212 goes really slow for stability reason, the only problem is that when you play outdoor under normal wind it just got drifted away. V929 and V939 best for outdoor but V212 is a good learning experience but not recomended for any future mods because the gyro controls the quad agility to its limit.

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is speedz racing/twc still selling tamiya paint?

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Not sure because there shop already move near e-mart i heard. You can get bunch of variety of tamiya paint at Siong Lee.

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[size=200]My latest design & innovation for R/C products via 3D printing.[/size]
I designed a new LCD mounting on trasmitted with modular add-on pack which allow to snap in battery, receiver, transmitted, booster and etc onto the radio. Passed the test on Version 1 today and ready to produce Version 2 that ready made for R/C community. I can say this stuff is ready for commericalization. Glad i still got my 3D design skills back 15 years ago. …Put my company logo in there too hehehehe… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: