R/C Hobby in Miri

(allokitty) #21

His shop open until what time from Mnday-Sunday?

(bunyimanok) #22

if i not forget from 10am till 8pm…sunday close

(allokitty) #23

How about the one near Gloria hotel? still exist?

(bunyimanok) #24

near gloria hotel is called FMR Hobby but not exist anymore…

(allokitty) #25

Where did it move? Should be somewhere.

(bunyimanok) #26

no idea …but the building it’s on last time oready renovate…

(allokitty) #27

Anyone play mini-z around here?

(bunyimanok) #28

heard at FMR last time got own club of mini-z…rm400 a year to join

(inspire) #29

the trueno in 86 head lamp not good de leh…hehe

(allokitty) #30

rm400? just to join a club??? :shock: :shock: i’d rather join my friends and get some hop up parts. I think its really expensive. :o

(ian) #31

Err, I’m not that sure about the RM400 member charge. Probably if you bought the cars from there you won’t need to pay the fee.

(allokitty) #32

Hey Ian, you know how many mini-z racer in miri? 8)

(ian) #33

Used to be about 10 or so, mostly run on rainy days when they can’t take out their 1:10s :lol:.

Seriously though, if you’re talking about those who own the mini-zs (MR-01s) probably a lot more than that but mostly just casual runners. Or they think it’s neat to have a highly detailed display model that moves.

That was a long time ago though.

(allokitty) #34

Usually i like small stuff moving fast, i always tried that on real road tarmac. it hit to many rock pebles but worth public attention. High details move fast.

Btw where these 1:10 guys bring out to their rides? where’s the racing circuit in Miri for low rider?

(bunyimanok) #35

jarang to see people bring their 1:10 and gather…i always see off road rc people gather in senadin

(inspire) #36

where the ppl usually play their rc?just wonder

(bunyimanok) #37

which type…off road at senadin…drifting no idea…

(allokitty) #38

uuuhhh…im getting closer to revive my mini. off-roading near the driving school at senadin but i think i saw a goup drifting at Boulveard car park or near AM BANK.

(g@b@nTr0m3n) #39

the shop in krokop got sell heli’s? got align n raptors or not?

(inspire) #40

hey…can somebody capture video or photo of the competition?dont know what is the local standard,hehe