"You are a Hindu" shock for state Rep

Today NST…You are a Hindu shock for state rep

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MUAR: Tangkak Assemblyman Datuk Yap Chik Dong is a Buddhist. If he had not gone to a bank last week, he would not have known that officially he was a Hindu.

And he has the National Registration Department to thank for this.

“I was astonished to spot this conversion when I opened a current account at a bank last week,” he said yesterday.

“My religion was given as Hindu in the Mykad.”

Yap said he changed his old identity card last year, but did not spot the mistake as religion was not written on the MyKad.
He applied for a new MyKad yesterday.

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Forumates double check on the details when you get your new IC .I had to reapply for my IC because there was one letter changed in my name.

Cheers and thanks for the tip. Ya, u may never know what they list u as.