"nano water Can" Canister

This is the latest Health product from Taiwan using japan most advance in Nano technology usir FIR (far Infra Red) called Nano Water Can. This FIR is use for re construct the water cluster of the watwer molecules. When this cluster are exposed to FIR it breaks up to smaller cluster and uniform and size. Nano Water from this CAN or Canister can easily absorbed through the mouth, cells and also our stomach.The nano Water also having balance Charged. This Balance Charge is important because they stimulate our lymphatic to rejuvenate and cleanse toxins from our body. It also Improve our strength and our Health, Helps to speed - up cell repair, Helps balanceacidity of our body, helps us to sleep better and also Make “your Man” more Stronger. Samples if you pour Some “Tiger Beer” into the CANISTER and Wait for 2 minutes, capped the canister. The Tast Become different. Smples 2. By using fresh PIPE / Tap Water using the same method and same period of time, the taste also different. Sample no. 3. For those who smoke Cigar, just put your cigar stick on top or near the canister for 2 minutes…the tast also become very -very no taste. Please PM me if you are interested or call my mobile 019-8283879.

Prevention is Better than Cure

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