"lucky draw" scam(?) at Boulevard shopping centre?

Coming out of Boulevard supermarket, I was approached by a man about participating in a lucky draw since I spent a certain amount at the supermarket. I was taken to their “shop” on the 3rd floor.

After putting details in a computer, i supposedly “won” a cooker hood worth over RM3000. But I also “won” a RM100 voucher to be spent in their “shop”… and of course, everything in their shop was expensive - massage chair, ceramic water filter, 24-pc cookware, etc. And I could only get the cooker hood if I spent more money to buy something else!

So, I declined. I refuse to spend money on stuff I don’t need to “win” something else.

This kind of “lucky draw” is illegal, right? Whom should this be reported to?

Azleena, there was a similar topic discussed in here previously…

Check out the link below

Topic: beware of marketing schemes in miri

Just tell them you are willing to sell the cooking hood back to them for half price.

Lol… I thought they were already busted? Cant remember which thread already but someone mentioned about it.

Thanks for the link, smallee… though disappointing to know that it has been around a while and has not been busted yet. Reading that thread reminded me that the name of this “company” was SKII Classic.

Hope everyone else takes note and is warned…

neeeeeeee problemoooo la… Just to share with u on what i seen before… :lol: