"Lori Hantu" Is Needed In Penisular Malaysia Only

My friend is looking for thousand of “Lori Hantu” with driver for the entire construction project in Malaysia. Example project involved currently is Penang second bridge and etc. There will be more and more in future. What is “Lori Hantu” , please refer to the defination HERE. The project contract will be 5 years long and discussion will be held between the “Lori Hantu” boss and my friend. Currently, he is in need of more than 1000 “Lori Hantu”. Driver will be sent to wherever there is a construction project. As for the worker salary and etc info, this is upon the agreement during the interview between the “Lori Hantu” boss and my friend.

How can you earn? Each “Lori Hantu” with driver which has passed through during the interview, you will be eligible for RM20 /month as long as the contract is still valid. Below I show you an example of the calculation

Suppose you intro to me 100 “Lori Hantu” and contract is valid for 5 years, below is the calculation

[size=100]Total commission after 5 years= RM20 X 12 months X 5 years X 100 = RM120,000[/size]

This means you will be paid RM20 X 100 = RM2000 every month .

If you have friends/relatives/source in Penisular Malaysia, please provide me the following things
a) Name and Contact No of the “Lori Hantu” boss
b) Total of the “Lori Hantu” with driver available - pls state the units of lori hantu
c) Your contact method. The best is MSN and mobile no.

You can PM me or if you have other questions, please write here. I will reach you every night.