"Do Thing Right" vs "Do Right Thing"

a very popular T shirt in HCM ‘Same Same but Different’

we always have to do the right things, dont always do the things to be right ! :)[/quote]

Is this a translated version straight from chinese again? I catch “no ball” la… :roll: :roll: :roll:

arr… second tot… after reading so much comments… here is my second digestion…

First… u must know how to do thing right, then once u know how to do thing right, then u will be able to do the right thing…- Yes??

and if u do not know how to do thing right, then how are u going to do the right thing?? betul tak??

Another round of bingo plsssss… :lol: :lol:[/quote]

aduhhh…eerrmm…i already give example ley. ahahaaa…nvm, its take time to get understand it.

i give another example again. hope this will help u to get reach there. :wink:

got one busniess man he open a coffee shop then start do the busniess. few years later his busniess so far so good. he planing his busniess just like that situation onward. ----(ok this guy is do things right, sure u will ask me where the things right he do ?? the things right is he got intention n action to built up the busniess. the busniess is things. the right is his intention.)

here the another one busniess man, he also open a coffee house then start do the busniess, few years later he manage his coffee house to few units. ----(ok this guy is do right things. the right is he got intention n action n the things is to built up the busniess to few units.

so…can u differentiate between the two guys how to do the busniess ??

i know is hard to understand it perhaps my explaination not well. :frowning:

Too subjective a topic. A topic too subjective. :stuck_out_tongue:

As gohky stated, ‘Same Same but Different’

lolz…:slight_smile: yea “sama sama tetapi lain”