"Acer boss: entire industry disappointed by Vista"

By John Pospisil

Windows Vista has been slammed by the president of PC manufacturer Acer, Gianfranco Lanci (pictured), who said Microsoft’s new operating system is a massive disappointment, having failed to boost PC sales.

“The entire industry is disappointed by Windows Vista,” Lanci told the Financial Times Deutschland.

I do not really think that anyone buys a new PC because of Vista," he said.

He also said the situation won’t improve for at least another six months, because Vista wasn’t mature when it was released.

Stability really is a problem," he explained.

Lanci’s tirade was backed up by Gartner analysts Ranjit Atwal, who said that Vista “is not a revolution” and is not compelling for home and mid-range users.

Lanci’s stinging attack comes just days after Microsoft proudly announced that it had sold 60 million copies of Vista though that figure includes copies shipped to OEMs, copies sitting on machines that have not yet been sold, as well as copies that consumers have actually bought and installed.

Obviously Lanci was expecting Vista to set the world on fire, though in this day and age, that’s quite an unrealistic expectation. For all its faults Windows XP works. When you’ve got something that works reasonably well, it’s very hard to come up with something that is an order of magnitude better. And that’s what it would take for a new operating system to excite the masses into buying new computers.

The hardware industry needs to realize that with a mature product line like Windows all you’re going to get from now are incremental improvements, not paradigm shifts. And if by some chance there is a paradigm shift, I’m willing to bet that it won’t come from Microsoft.

It’s time for the hardware industry to understand that the good old days of new operating system equals hardware sales is well and truly over.

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I like the Vista interface especially the ability to add gadget next to your screen. Too bad you are going to need a beefy system to run Vista properly.

Agreed wif geekguy. Especially the currency converter & clock. Handy to have 3 clocks wif different time zones for travellers.

widgets…sorry, I mean gadgets… isn’t that available in Mac years ago? it’s better late than never… :lol:

Probably a new Mac would be better choice than a new PC? If they’re seeking for stability, Mac is the answer.

widgets…sorry, I mean gadgets… isn’t that available in Mac years ago? it’s better late than never… :lol:[/quote]

26 years ago to be exact.

can get those gadget from google desktop also what


Agree with stupidhead…

I already prepared my new PC here ready for Vista, but then the Vista simply won’t install… when installing always have the Blue Screen of Death… so disappointing…

But now, with dual-boot XP and Ubuntu, I am a happy man… wakaka… :smiley: