Quiz needed

Hey guys, any idea where can I get some quiz with answer that is not very difficult.
This coming week having an activity with frens, tot want have some quiz session.
Too bad that I can’t find any suitable quiz over the internet, all are quite difficult and the question is also more to other countries quiz…

what kind of quiz you are looking for?
Those quiz can win prize one ? My sister got join this kind of event before. I try and ask her.

my opinion is the several question that common in social life can become a quizz question that make intersted to the people to join it such as online qiuzz and blog quizz.

some people is interested for grand prize or the when they win the quizz…actually do the quizz iswaste time and waste money to let people to join it

Huh? quiz can win prize?
I just need some normal quiz.
Not want to participate any quiz contest, but if you do have some to recommend.
I don’t mind. :slight_smile: I think my fren would like to take part as well.

Yes, but I can’t find any.
All of us do prefer social quiz rather than quiz with pencil and pen.
As nowadays seldom ppl carry pen and paper… hahaha

I think you misunderstand, we are not want to held a quiz contest.
We just want to get some source to make an activity with frens only.
Plus, quiz is not waste of time. It can be fun when challenging with frens. :slight_smile:

I believe you can get it at some book store.
The cheapest one I saw around rm20 plus. You can check out over there.
Hope this help.

Yup, can win prize. Last time my sister join before.
It’s a contest that you have to subscribe through phone.
The winner can get worth rm200k.
My sis got join before. You can treat it as a normal quiz instead of a contest.
Just copy down the question or ask yr fren to join together. Then no need headache where to find quiz lo. haha

We are more prefer the digital quiz that can access through phone or pc.
Anyway, thank you. I will have a look at those book store.

How much for the subscription fee? I can’t find any details at google.
Maybe you can ask your sister to share me the link?
If is cheap then might worth to try out, fun some more can win prize.

rm 1 per day and first time subscribe can get first 7 day for free.
here, just search it at bigwin site.

ya, top prize can get rm200k gold. Also, u guys can play around. Not bad.
Hope this help.