Hello. i really really need some clarifications here. i am a Bruneian and selling my car. Didnt xpect miri people interested to buy.
anyways cut story short. Let say a Miri person want to buy the brunei car cash… with Brunei plate number. but hes working in miri.
And hes willing to pay deposit to me if i can arrange to change name and change to Malaysia number.
What should we do first?
is it possible to change from brunei to malaysia number?
Is it possible to just change name? but what if to renew the insurance&rdtax?
Any opinions from people whos been there done that? i highly appreciate that!!

  1. First, car financing matter. BIBD or Baiduri? Cover by TAIB for car insurance or not. What is the status of car finance, clear or not. Any problem with local authority like the police and related such as summons. That you have to provide to your potential buyer.

  2. Possible to change the number to Malaysian number. But the buyer need to go through some processes with the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Fill form to request change of car plate number plus certain charges included.

  3. Change name is possible,but problem in renewal in roadtax and insurance. Best is to transfer everything in order to avoid future complications.

Btw, have you gone to the Sg.Akar Road Transport department to personally ask about this matter.

Better check clearly with JPJ & Kastam Dept.
I don’t think it is easy as if it can be done, most Sarawakian will buy like crazy including me …