Quantity Surveyor (QS) For Construction

A quantity surveyor manages all costs relating to construction projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. They seek to minimize the costs of a project and yet stay competitive, while still achieving the required standards and quality. (Mandarin speaker is a must)
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Liaise with Design Department
• analyse and verify Bills of Materials (BOM);
• prepare Bills of Quantities (BOQ) and quotations;
• prepare costing and fill up for tenders documents on commercial related
• prepare costing and quotation for project base on bill of materials and new project requirements;
• Check items on bill of materials to ensure the quantity is correct
• Revise cost and quotation if/when required;
• Liaise technical matters with suppliers
• Request Tender Bond and purchase of tender document
• Review Letter of Award (LOA)
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Able to work independently and handle multi-tasking
• Strong organizational and analytical skills
• Good negotiation skills
• Minimum 3 – 5 years’ experience in related field.

Please email your resume to : kanjiag@yahoo.com