Pyjamas Party 2009.. LIMITED TICKETS! Hurry!

On the 10th of Jan 2009, We’ll be holding a Pyjamas Party. This event will only be limited to 100 participants. Tickets will be available on Monday (22nd Dec 2008). Hurry and grab yours. The ticket is priced at RM55 for early birds and RM65 for on door. One ticket is entitled 2 complimentary drinks. Finger food is provided during the event. There will be various activities that will blow your mind away:)


Here are some details of the event:

Venue: Marina Wave Bar
Date: 10th Jan 2009 (Saturday)
Dress Code: STRICTLY Sleepwear only
Time: 7.30pm Onwards

For further details or purchase of tickets, please do not hesitate to PM me

event of us or for uncle n aunty oh??? dress code is strictly sleepwear only??? i wear nothing to sleep then how to go there with naked??? hahhaahhahha

Anyone can go as long as u purchase the ticket and follow the dress code. However if u really wanna be naked hahahha… its up to u.

u make sure we will not get arrested if we going naked ok…

No worries everyone, it is a private place…

Naked away…!!!

hehehhehehe siok kaliah… well wat’s the party event whole nite long??? go there with partner or HUNTING INSIDE ??? kekekekkekeke

oh no… i cant go… because myh pyjamas = naked… so cant go sorry …

now then i realize … most ppl are naked when sleeping… hahahahaha…

Interesting!! Worth a go go …

why is it limited to 100 participants?

aiya the most private time is sleeping!!! lock the door and naked n sleep lar!!! if not sometime u c the newspaper during kebakaran can saw ppls naked runaway !!! kekekekekekeke

if too much we cant control the crowd. but if high demand we will increase the number of tickets.
at the moment maximum is 100

i sense eLaine is going :mrgreen:

curious with various of activities that will blow me away ~ can leak abit? lol

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: Dai Louuu… u r fortune teller!!!

yeah… if the event is interesting sure i go … shane also right??? kimgo also right??? make sure u dun bring flo ok!!!

yeap yeap alex… ROFLMAO!!! hahahaha !!!

Its a suprise u guys have to find out urself. LOL

Hahaha…faster bring kimgo goes.

By the way, I’m not going la. Cos I’m naked when sleeping as well. So, I dun think I can go too.


i wear G-string when i sleep wor… like that meh…