Purebred Rottweiler for sale


male rottweiler.



Reason for selling? You dont love the dog anymore?
Is this the same dog in this post?

[quote=“ssajnani”]Reason for selling? You dont love the dog anymore?
Is this the same dog in this post?



Are you kidding me? I’m a student, got no time for him. I fear he’ll get neglected later baa… If i don’t love this dog, why do i let him sleep in my house leh? =.=’

You let go of your loved ones cos u got no time? You are not willing to compromise a little for this adorable dog but easily ready to boot him out? Is it the same dog in that post?

If you really care for him, you will not use him as a commodity and give him away for free to the right owners. I got a feeling you will use the money for your gambling addiction or drinking problems.
Please re-consider :frowning:

FREE?? His food is not cheap,he had his 3 times injection with the vet. GAMBLING?? I don’t even know how to play that stuff… =.=’ are you kidding me? I have this feeling, that you want him, but don’t want to pay… go adopt street dog la… Okla, i keep this dog, I’ll be going for 6 months and let nobody take care of him… let him die of starvation …IS THAT WHAT YOU SUGGEST??

ssajnani , sorry to say but you are making no sense, making accusation out of thin air.

Thank you Homeandy.

To anyone who has made any random accusation, please get a life and don’t be a dogs-lover-wannabe. =)


Stop. Enough is enough

cancelled/sold. TQ

SsJnani, dont say stupid things simply for the sake of it. You are not funny at all.