Puppy passing waste contained blood

Recently my 8 month-old German shepherd was found passing waste that contained blood and stick stuff in it. He start doing that after I change his dog food to a different brand … did went to the vet and got some anti-biotic pills, but the problem persists. What should I do, any suggestion? Pls help.

Give your dog some glucose water bro…His body might be too hot and try to give more dog food that have rice in it.

stomach ulcer, my dog have it too. due to unsuitable food to digest and sometimes not ngam food.

Glucose ? I did rec’d a suggestion to give 100+ to the sick dog, to make up for the lost of water (dehydration) due to diarrhea. May try, no harm done after all.

Bring your dog to a vet.

this remind of my 9mths rott puppy…
most probably is dehydrated,dont drag it, let it hydrate asap.
does it lose appetite?
does it isolate itself,not active, playful?
this is the season esp when the weather turns hot and humid, it need more water.
i lost my 9mths puppy,til the vet came, it was too late. the vet told us it got dehydrated until the eyes has no fluid.
all the best to you and hope it gets well soon!