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chihuahua female x2 sold ! bump !

[quote=“nightwatch”][quote=“Reno911”]Isound is right but unfortunately i don’t know of any breeders in Miri or Sarawak that sell pups at that age. The local breeders here will get rid of their puppies as soon as right after first shot (6 weeks).The longer they keep the more cost they will incur and they worry that the pups will not survive in their hands. The only time you get pups at 4 months or above is because they didn’t manage to sell out.[/quote]It is a true statement to all “puppy-miller” and those “hobby-breeder” that come with “half-tank” full!!! So sorry to point out and doesnt understand why they are making the decision on breeding without knowing the genetic issues & lineage factors, are they doing it for the betterment of the breed or they are doing it for the betterment of their pocket?

Since I am into working service dog, I choose the other way round :wink: by socializing and working the pups for stronger foundation works 8) I can be at time damn “choosy” when come to place our breeding off-spring :wink: you know it, dont you? It is not the matter that I can’t placed my “older” pup for good-home but rather, we want to promote selective breeding and to produce a betterment of off-spring!!!

Peace … and this is a non-pay self advertisment, lol :lol:[/quote]

The difference between this so called ‘puppy miller’ or ‘backyard breeder’ as oppose to those who breeds dogs for working purpose are totally poles apart.

The crucial success of any breeding program is the environmental education that must be carried out during the critical periods of learning. This includes introducing puppies to all aspects of the environment, such as noise, traffic, slippery floors, gunfire, crowds, buildings etc, etc. At the same time the dogs need to be socialised with other dogs and people.

Some breeding program even employ a puppy walking program where pups are ‘farmed’ out to home for character building and environmental experience. Puppy walkers are hard to find, as they must raise pups until around 10 months and then hand them back. They must be trusted to develop the pups as directed and also paid a retainer as well as supported with food and veterinary needs.

There are no certainties until serious training takes place at around 1 year of age, a whole batch of pups could turn out to be rejects. Only time and trial and error can identify the correct breeding stock. Two outstanding dogs mated could produce 8 rejects. Normally those dogs that didn’t make it into the program will be sold as pet dogs at a lower price.

As i have mentioned before, genetics is a very complex subject that includes identifying dominant and recessive genes and this can vary from one dog to another. For ex: A dog may have dominant gene when mated with one ■■■■■, but not with another ■■■■■. This is why it takes years to establish. Some take years and years to achieve that and once the genes are beginning to fall in place, an artificial insemination (AI) program can also be established. Sometimes you can see in the web that people actually charge a high price just to get a frozen sement of a dog. Thats because you are paying for the gene and not only the look of the dog as preceded by the ‘show dog group’.

So much about breeding, a succesful breeding program is possible, but it is probabale that it would take 10 years before it would be self-supporting and even recover outlay and running cost. It is easy to be backyard breeder but you should not have high expectations to what you paid for as mentioned earlier by nightwatch $$$ is their main concern.

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bump !

aduuuhh kawan…mau kasi bump satu kali satu hari kah…

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bump !

bumper!!! kekekekeke wat dog u still left overthere? i try to help u bro

That will be nice :smiley: 2 chiwawa, 3 shi tzu, 1 jack russel

that shi tzu… is urs a shane?

yes saf, getting one for ya dearest as valentine gift? :smiley:


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Amyone sell Rottweiler? Male puppy. Im interested.

You can call Mr. Robin Lim at 012-8839212. Heard he has a pedigreed rottie.

Heard he had England bulldog too… :smiley: :wink:

(eerrr…is ter such species ehekk) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats another guy but same name :lol: