Public Service Announcement (PSA) space

In striving to raise the right kind of awareness in our Miri community, has setup a Public Service Announcement (PSA) space on the main page to remind and educate our multi-racial society in doing the right thing.

This is how you can contribute:

If you have your own original graphics, posters, photos, comics, etc. which is related to a useful local public service announcement, just link/attach them in your reply to this topic in digital form (300x300 in image size), and we will showcase them on the allocated space on the main page (with credits given to the original owner) and linking them to the related topic (if any). Else if you have created an interesting PSA topic in any forums here and it has been nominated & approved to be a valid cause, we will assist you in having it listed on the PSA space.

If you have any further inquiries, kindly reply to this topic as well. Thanks for your attention.


I received an messenger message from one of the members asking me what is this PSA. So in order to clear confusion… here u go…