Public nab snatcher after chase


Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Public nab snatcher after chase
By Anthony Joseph

Civic-minded pedestrians react when victim shouts for help after being robbed by two youths

MIRI: Civic-minded pedestrians here yesterday made a public arrest against a snatch thief after a short chase.

In the incident that occurred near Tamu Muhibbah market, Jalan Padang, at the city centre, a youth was walking alone behind the Visitors Information Centre (VIC) when he was approached from behind by two other youths, one of whom was reportedly armed with a knife.

Apart from demanding money, one of the youths snatched the handphone from their victims trousers pocket, causing the latter to fall down and hurt his elbow.

The two youths beat a hasty retreat after their victim shouted for help. The public reacted immediately, chased after the fleeing duo, and caught one of them while the other managed to escape.

The suspect was later handed over to the police who seized a knife from him.

Police are still looking for the other youth, believed to have snatched the victims RM800 handphone.

hantam puas2 dolok baru anta pg polis sana
kasi putus tangan ka

Yes! Score one for good samaritans!