PSP3001 for sale

I have one unit PSP 3001 Black Piano firmware v5.51 for sale. come with charger, cable, soft pouch, and 4 GB. Cannot play downloadd game. Plan to sale RM750.00
Attached please find photo. Any one interested can PM me. Thanks

This set is US version, Malaysia model 3006 refer to this link … hp_en_MY_i


sure can if u sent to kedai game…

u can get new one with that price…

Still cheap compare to new set sale in Miri: from E-mart RM15xx to Bintang Mall RM1XXX…

Trying to buy a PSP with RM500…any one want to sell?

WTB PSP 3k piano black

y this unit cannot play download game?
its a 2nd hand unit rite?

u send to techkie hse for modify then can play liao!!

i’ve bought one PSP3001 last month and I have one BIG problem with it. When ever its restarts, all the games inside the memory card is missing. But when I open it with my laptop, i has a game there but the PSP cannot detect them. I sent it to EMart there to seek for solution and they said, there is no hack firmware for PSP3001 model.Not yet ‘bikin’. So if I send my PSP3001 to techkie hse, can they PERMANENTLY hack it?

my fren told me if ure psp is moded u cant take off the bat once taken off u need to remod it.

btw ure set is 2nd hand?

no worry dude, just bring techkie house saja! they will teach u the how to do it!!!

yes lace, u r right, this model cant play until low batt or switch off!! once u do it, the firmware will go back to original V5.03
kekekekeke i spend so much of time baru know how to hack it!!!

u kno how to hack psp3k nw alex?

i own it for sure i know lar!! kekekekekekeke

u also mod batt only ah?
i wan more info on modding psp3k cuz i wanna buy

aiya very easy punya lar!!!

now i open battery also no worry!!!

[quote=“alexysl”]aiya very easy punya lar!!!

now i open battery also no worry!!![/quote]
does it work on PSP 2000?

how much will it cost?

that one u hv to call up yong9009 lor!! he is pro! i just junior!!
i only know psp3001 other dunno!

alex how??