Alrite… :mrgreen: hi all, im looking for nice gadget PSP but dont realy no bout it. so, anyone can share the opinion?? anyway, wat can PSP do? i mean beside playing game. wat kind of game could be play? izit any game of PS1,2 3?

nop. not PS1 ,2 ,3 games. but PSP games. it has its own games. 2 types - download and UMD. u can surf the web, play movie, music, and view pictures. if u buy the chotto shot camera for PSP, u can even take picture with the PSP.

u can play ps1 and even nintendo (SNES) games on psp, provided you have the emulator/programme.

i’m playing the classic super mario and ps1 resident evil:nemesis right now.

oh yea. ps1 games are now available on psp.

Go get “GoCam”/ “Chotto Shot” for PSP. I have these one its a camera add-on can DVD quality video and good photo even its only 1.5Megapixel but quality so damn good.

Not 1.3?
Mine 1.3.
How much you bought yours by the way allokitty?

Oppss… forgot its 1.3M hehehe…but really looks good when taking picture during the day.
Btw i bought for RM190.

psp 3000 is out, got mic built in and more clearer n crispy graphics…saw 1 at bintang, at the photo shop near ground main entrance there…

Wow…nice sharing guys. UMD… disc? can put game to UMD or its memory? i mean the downloaded game… PSP 3000 shld be very exsive de… How much the price for the PSP 2000?

psp 2000 game centre selling 900-1k psp 3000 selling 1.1k at game centre. but psp 3000 currently cannot play download games. so u need to play UMD. the built in mic doesnt have much use for me. the camera i bought one. very nice. small and clear. i suggest u buy it too

allokitty / dyii95: mind to share your cam picture in action?

erm… i cant cos lost liao. too long din play psp… hehhehe. i just sold one to trunks for rm180

y r u still buying UMD?

pity u

hmm…the camera sounds like not bad… i will consider to get 1. 900-1000, ic… will test GOD OF WAR for the 1st game for PSP…

who still buying UMD?? me?