PS3 Losing the Battle

Why? Here’s a sneak peek, Sony doesn’t have enough supply of PS3 in Japan, so they hired people on the streets to queue with the real customers so they can say that it is “Sold Out”

Er, I think that’s not the case. I think the rich people there hired people to queue for them instead of them queueing themselves.

In that case yeah, rich people are exploiting the situation, but would you consider Sony also rich people? They are trying to cover up the insificient amount of PS3 during the launch, what better ways to cover it using the concept of “sold out”?

ahahaha…another ngek ngek for the PS3…go Wii…:smiley:

It’s not Sony, it’s other businessmen trying to re-sell the PS3s at a higher price by hiring people to wait in line to get them. This causes more demands because there are people who couldn’t get them, will in turn buy them from these businessmen at a higher price.