PS3 Finally Hacked?

All you pirates and cheapskates can finally rejoice as it seems that someone has finally managed to break the PS3 and hack into the system.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet though, as he claims to only have found a way to hack the system, but not the software, so it will still be a while before you can get cheaper pirated bootleg PS3 games.

Omg :shock:
If they really success PS4 is coming soon… :x

Still got a long way. Unlike previous console cracks, this generation we require firmware updates from time to time. Look at the X360, have to re-flash the DVD firmware just to keep it running with the latest games.

So ma fan…
But I still prefer ori cos no need worry damage or jammed at all… :wink:

actually the ps3 has been hacked for quite a long time ago , but the cost of bluray and the time to download a single game is so time consuming, they kinda halt the whole thing first , until they find a better, cheaper, and less time consuming,

thats what i know

its just the 1st step still far to go until we can finally have our hands on the moded ps3~

boo for the pirates

yeah for pirateS~

lolx blu ray burner edi release tats mean we can it witout original blu ray disk edi =)

No, you cannot pirate a PS3 game even with a blu-ray burner.

what it really means is that you can finally run homebrew on the ps3. I think ps3 fat prices will be quite high next time since only the ps3 fat can run homebrew.

so confirm only ps3 fat can run homebrew ? anyone pls ?

Hah.? Mean PS3 Fat been hacked and not PS3 Slim oso.? Then sure PS3 Fat price will be jacked higher till maybe RM2999 perhaps if available in Miri…

this is just speculation only lah. How come SONY so kin tio wanna patch up the otheros function in fat slim when geohot announced his hack when SONY knows by doing so it will get ridiculed by alot of SONY supporters, or even get a really heavy lawsuit from users? Why sony wanna gamble on this? Why the ps3 slim don have otheros function anymore?


just my opinion la.

the rumours are spreaded… and I dont know. but for me nothing is perfect but sony can always force us to update

Don’t worry they wont be able to play online like the rest of the legit buyers.

Its still a long way to go before you can see custom firmware to play pirated games. Then later you have to worry about buying the expensive blu-ray medium.

I have a question. Why do people here see games that cost RM200 as expensive? Are they so used to the pirated RM10,20 games?

Maybe you shud ask your father that question…

Video game is an expensive hobby.

Problem is rampant piracy has set people’s mindset that video games are suppose to be cheaper when in reality, it has always been expensive.