Proton Waja Club - Team Imperials

well…no 1 from the zerotohundred told there was this site exist… :frowning:

anyway…i notice thr r threads like 4AGE club…wira club…and so on. So i guess i might as well start up this thread juz for the thrill of having mod waja or any non-mod waja… 8)

all members are welcome and i noe a few people in here also own a waja…like QMK9109 hehehe

aiya…looks like it’s here at last…when coming back to miri? still at australia?

qmk9133 A.K.A. vertigo (from team-imperials)

hahaha eh eh should be 9133 hahaha i 4got ur no. hahaha

byron 1 is QMD9109 hahaha…

not back yet…but will try to help organise a waja club here bah…hehe we driving waja of coz need a thread since imperials in west oledi so successful hahaah

u help me recruite more ppl la hahaha u r in this forum longer than me hahaha

hmm…y only ppl view and no post ? mayb i should change the thread tilte to 4G18P and Campro…hahaha

maybe not much member drive waja gua…

haih…i guess is becoz proton is not popular la…hahaha see if my thread start off with honda sure alot ppl join 1…hahaha

I am driving waja, but company car… can join? :stuck_out_tongue:

well…if u r interested in waja stuff den u r more den welcome to…

here is the official website for the club

tat 1 is for the whole msia waja team…