Proton to develop Islamic Cars

Iran has proposed an Islamic car, and is keen to work with Proton on developing such a car for the global market.

It is proposed that Proton should work with companies in Iran and Turkey develop a car with Islamic features such as a compass to determine the Kiblat, as well as compartments for storing the Quran and headscarves.

Proton may have found a new niche here - Islamic cars, thanks to its relationship with Islamic countries such as Iran. Just a few days ago, Proton announced an export deal to supply Proton Waja taxis to Iran. I am curious why the Iran Khodro group, the manufacturer of Irans national car (basically a rebadge outfit making old Peugeot 405s and other Peugeot cars) has not already done this.


How someone managed to think about this IDEA?
An islamic car… lol. Now even cars got their own religion?
common lar… let the cars be a free twinkle lar… dont take religion into this lar…

A comment from a reader:

adibmuhammad said,

November 13, 2007 @ 4:13 pm

Its funny how people read the article once or twice and immediately jumped to conclusions.

I think, looking at the state Iran is in, and since theyre the ones who proposed the idea, the plan for an Islamic car might prove to be a good investment for Proton. Theres obviously demand for such cars there, hence the proposal, and Proton has been doing quite well in the Middle East market. Its definitely a niche market, but as all niche markets are, we cant safely predict the outcome until theyve actually sold the product, and thats what worries most of us.

Its definitely no problems for Proton, since the car will be based on the Waja. As with many Proton models sold overseas, therere modifications made to suit the region theyre sold in. Proton could simply modifiy the Wajas interior to suit the proposal, and it surely wouldnt cost as much to do so.

Then again, when associating a product to a religion, especially nowadays, and to Islam specifically, it will be very hard to sell. I suggest Proton to accept the proposal but market the car as a normal Waja, and not labelling it as an Islamic car.

And quality improvement would definitely help.


Religion again?..haizzzz…eat full nothings to do. sigh.

should sell it as muslim-targeted car wit islamic features
not a total islamic car

anyway, can some DEFINE a islamic car?

just chop a logo there lor…:slight_smile:
green card got chop as well…lolz

I do seriously hope that they dont go to the extreme by labelling it as certified halal. Like that susah for me to tapau kolo mee or char siew pau if driving the car.

[quote=“haroldz”]should sell it as muslim-targeted car wit islamic features
not a total islamic car

anyway, can some DEFINE a islamic car?[/quote]

I think islamic car should have chop “Halal” at green cards there :lol: Or as well SIRIM Approved xD

And the car should have a built-in GPS system coupled with a timer which will alert and navigate you to the local mosque(depending where you are)automatically every friday.Better ask jap to help,they have a lot of these gps gadgets,he he…

They should next look into designing an islamic WC, which may serve a far batter purpose for muslims!!

In fact someone had tried to do this WC stuff a few years ago in one of the offshore company office.They wanted to have muslim and non muslim WCs.It was turned downed after an Indian staff said “what about me?I need a hindu Toilet,we dont take beef”. :lol:

You really mean there are human rights for hindus in M’sia? Especially where public WC’s are concerned!

maybe but the moral is being giving and taking

Once a friend asked me is it ‘holier’ to pray in a church/temple/etc than doing it elsewhere practicing the true meaning of it?