Proton MPV but now PErodua MPV?

who believe?

u dunno meh?
aiyo, they r still testing it la…

perlu byk membaca laa…

produa mpv news so long already lu…this nov gonna lunch…saiz about same as avanza…so bargin buy o…i also will buy one next time…

i jarang read wan…xDD
u guys think gud or nt?
cuz shape like kotak.’’=.=

toyota design perodua badge…

yup …since toyota own daihatsu and produa is using daihatsu design …basically produa is malaysia toyota…

y malaysia’s car company cannot berdikari wan?

nevermind that…as long it cheap for us to buy…since it toyota cover by produa badge…

to be launched sometime november.

Salah meh, its Daihatsu and re badge Toyota. Almost every Avanza buyer are being cheated by UMW.

sikok?why u said almost Avanza buyer cheated by UMW

is it really going to be cheap? Remember Nautica? rebadge of Rush and it was a major flop.

maybe around 60k ++ consider cheap also lar…

Its around 90K+ … tion=price Look at Miri Pricing

not lar…that one is nautica …not the mpv

oh! LoL!.. my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

for that 90k++ i would go for wish already haha …

with 15yr loan(gorvement servent). now every one can afford it. :mrgreen:
malaysia car is very over prieced. that why so many bankrupt young ppl around.

The unit is not as big as what we are thinking, the rear seat size is more comfort for kid i would say.

1.5 liter like avanza?