PROTON ' BLM ' - A New SAGA Begins - 2008

Hi Guys,

Feast your eyes with the hip and craze of the new to-be launch Proton. Code named ‘B L M’, stands for ’ Base Line Model ’ is expected to be out on the 18.01.08.
As a fellow Mirian, I think I should contribute some infos and pictures for this new upcoming model which one day, maybe the pride of our nation again.
These pictures ware taken last night at one of the mall at Damansara. As demonstrated here, A Step-By-Step built - up of the new Proton ’ SAGA '.

Frame works :


Body line & Engine bay:

Impact Bar :

Cabin Room :

Suspensions :

Body lines :

Overall side - look :

Boot Space :

Body Weight & Chassis no. :

Ground Clearence :

Hope you guys will enjoy the pictures & sorry if I am not a good photographer.

Cheers !!

Great photos. Any more?

You can use the xxxxx tag to display the photos, of which I’ve added for you.

Go to Paul tan’s website for what the BLM looks like. Essentially a stretched version of a Savvy in my opinion

Thanks ian ! Appreciate your help & advice.

More pictures coming soon when they continue assembling the parts to this frame again. Stay Tuned !!

You can go to Paul Tan’s website to view the actual ’ test car’ taken by one of their forum member. I am not able to post it here without their consents so just go there and have a look then.

Thanks for viewing.

It’s OUT !!

Booked a slot for a test drive next week, both auto and manual tranny. …