Proposed K9 school in Ulu Baram gives more hope to parents, says Dennis Ngau

MIRI: The proposal to build another Special Model Comprehensive School (K9) in Ulu Baram would give more hope and peace of mind to parents who want the best for their childrens future.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau when asked about the proposal by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang which was published recently, said he was also happy, knowing that he had been highlighting and requesting the government on the need to build another K9 school in his constituency.

It has always been my fight to bring up the matter during the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting. I want the living standard of the Baram people to be lifted in the near future if today we are able to give them better education and get them all educated, he said.

Dennis said once approved, many Orang Ulu parents, particularly the Penans, would be more than happy to have another K9 school where they can send their children.

He added that many parents who live in longhouses in Ulu Baram struggle to send their children to secondary schools.

This will definitely reduce or stop high percentage of school dropouts of rural students, with the majority from low-income families, Dennis added.

Currently there is only one K9 school in Ulu Baram, located in Long Bedian, in Apoh Baram.

In news published on Jan 23, Jabu said the government had suggested for one more K9 school in Ulu Baram to give the minorities there access to education.

He said the school provides education from primary one to form three for school-going children from Long Peluan, Long Banga and Long Beruang.

The government, Jabu said, had conveyed the project to the Ministry of Education.