Prone Theft Area In Miri

Just wanna share public palces in Miri where vehicle theft is prone:

  1. Open space parking of Boulevard Commercial Centre
  2. Parking space behin Servay Hypermarket (Pelita Commercial Centre)
  3. Parking space behind Bintang Plaza (including the brick parking beside the High Court)
  4. Open space parking beside Imperial Mall (for Boulevard Hypermarket shopper) also in fornt of Miri Post office.

Apart from that lot of car theft also occured within the car owner house. either they lock the gate or the gate was an automatic gate.

Most of the vehicle theft occured form houses happened between 2am to 5.00am

Sources: Insurance Claim

Hi lexgolas,

Thanks for sharing the information. And welcome to! :smiley:

my friend’s sister was coming out of her vehicle at the back of survey carpark and was hit from the back and fell unconcious. The attacker took her handbag and all her jewelleries. it happend during day time!! scary.

There was a news last year about installing CCTV cameras in public areas to prevent crime. Or that’s what they say. I wonder if these places will be the first to have them.

Also on CCTV cams, if they stopped working I wonder if they’ll cover it up like the clocktower. :roll:

I wonder…if thats the case then …if let’s say the shopping malls that seem not to function in future…will they cover it up like the clock tower and make as if nothing is going on?? well about the crime proned area I guess most of the places are not safe anyway…even if you leave the gate open when you are still in ur house…there is a case I heard once from a friend of mine they can even pretend as though they are hired house movers…so make sure your trusted neighbours know where you are headed…

for those who is providing CCTV support and install, like Geovision, must be earning big bucks now. 8)

I hope it isn’t too late to get involve in deploying CCTV since it’s getting more and more demanding…

Well, let’s say, if a certain political person isn’t working out as expected, perhaps we can cover him up with a piece of cloth or something too.

My friend’s car window had been broken and the Note Book in the car gone. AT SURVEY SUPERMARKET CARS PARK (MORSJAYA). :x

Never leave anything remotely valuable in the car. In fact, keep everything out of sight, and don’t take chances. There’s a reason I’m driving around without a stereo. Well, that and the fact that all local radio broadcasts suck, and CDs warp in the oven-like conditions when parked under sunlight.