Promote Miri as gateway to tourist spots

Promote Miri as gateway to tourist spots

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Sunday 27-Nov-2016

MIRI as the second largest city in Sarawak is not only a historical place but also a gateway to many tourist spots.

“With Sabah and Brunei so close by, there is a lot of syneriges that Miri can capitalise on. Thus the state government can emphasise and tap the tourism potentials in Miri,” said Dato’ Sebastian Ting (BN-Piasau).

Debating on the Supply (2017) Bill, 2016, Ting said Miri City had developed into a great shopping destination.

“Miri has great diving spots within an hour boat ride away. It is also the gateway to the many natural scenes like the Mulu National Park, the Niah National Park, the Lambir Hill National Park and the Loagan Bunut National Park. Undoubtedly Miri is a beautiful city and a lot to offer. We need to promote and market Miri overseas and in Malaysia,” he said.

He was happy to note that RM48 million will be allocated in the 2017 State Budget for creating new growth impetus by leveraging on tourism as the key driver.

The Federal government should also allocate another RM48 million to the State Ministry of Tourism, he said.

Ting also called for the existing facilities at the Miri Petroleum Museum and Handicraft and Heritage Centre to be upgraded with more facilities like cafe, shops and exhibits range.

To get more foreign tourists to come to Miri, he urged the state government to fight for the landing rights of international airlines to Miri.

With the federal government approving RM 285 million for the upgrading of Miri Airport to an international airport, he believed that it would make more international flights a reality.

On Mulu National Park, Ting pointed out that the only access to Mulu for tourists is by air.

“Flights can be cancelled or severely delayed by poor weather conditions. Furthermore, tourists do not want to travel half way round the world only to be told that they cannot get to Mulu National Park due to bad weather. This leads to bad publicity.

“Hence, it is time to build a road leading to the Mulu National Park,” he said.

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