Projek Perintis Sistem Semakan Online(SSO) PDRM

Bermula hari ini, 1 Jun 2011, Semakan Status Repot Polis, Semakan Saman Trafik dan Semakan Status Permohonan Lesen Am boleh dibuat di Laman Web Rasmi PDRM.
Konsep SSO ini adalah bertujuan untuk memberi kemudahan kepada warganegara Malaysia untuk mendaftar sebagai pengguna kepada Portal Sistem Semakan Online melalui Laman Web Rasmi PDRM, Perkhidmatan semakan ini adalah berdasarkan nombor kad pengenalan. Bagi semakan status repot polis, satu nombor rujukan khas akan dibekalkan bersama-sama dengan laporan polis.
Dalam tempoh percubaan ini, perkembangan siasatan bagi laporan polis yang dibuat di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor mulai 1 Jun 2011 boleh disemak melalui sistem semakan ini. Semakan ini akan diperluaskan ke seluruh negara sebaik sahaja tempoh 3 bulan projek perintis ini tamat pada bulan September.
Semua pihak dialu-alukan untuk memberi pandangan, pendapat dan idea-idea bagi memantapkan sistem semakan ini.

Versi Bahasa Inggeris:

From June 1, 2011 verifications on the status of Police Reports, Traffic Offence Summons and Applications of General Licenses issued by the police can be carried out at the push of a button in the official website of the RMP.
The SSO concept is aimed at extending the facility to Malaysians who register themselves as users of the Online Verification System portal available in the RMP official website.
Users will be required to use their MyKad/Identity Card number to check for traffic summons or acertaining the status of their application for general licenses.
As for police reports, users will be required to provide a reference number which will be issued to them when they lodge their reports.
During this trial period, only developments in the investigations into police reports lodged in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor from 1st June 2011 onwards can be checked using this online feature.
Within the end of the project over the next three months (till 1 September 2011), the feature will be extended in phases to all states nationwide.
To enhance the efficiency of the feature, the RMP welcomes suggestions and ideas from members of the public.

Translation courtesy of theSun

Versi Bahasa Cina:

Lesen Am
Sistem Semakan Online ,SSO)


Terjemahan: Oriental Daily.

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Looks good, then we could track police reports online and also view it’s progress, no need to call the IO always. Hopefully this will improve RMP’s efficiency.

i suppose this is for the whole of malaysia?

For now only in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Just like the mobile distress call application. They’re still testing it.

i dunno… you think they will really pull this off?
putting this up might make ppl (especially crime victims)
to have more ammunition to make noise with…

Why not? It’s a way to improve themselves. Anyways any suggestions can be directed at the Official RMP FB discussion topic in the first post above.