Projek Pelita

Back in Kuching over the summer break and not sure what exactly you want to do? Then join Projek Pelita, and help UKEC make a difference in your local community!

A vast number of libraries in the rural areas of Sarawak do not have an adequate number of books, in despite having the infrastructure in place. We at UKEC strongly believe in the importance of education, and see this as an opportunity for us to give back to society. Education and knowledge are vital tools in empowering people. Hence, it is essential that they are provided with basic necessities.

Bak kata pepatah, ilmu pelita hidup. With this in mind, UKEC in partnership with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak will be running Projek Pelita.

Projek Pelita will run for a period of 4 weeks, starting from 13th June to 14th July. During the first 3 weeks, we will be conducting book donation drives. In the final week, we will be going to 4 libraries to deliver the books we collect, and will also conduct educational activities with the communities there. The 4 libraries we will be donating books to are:

  • Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Santubong, Kuching North City Hall
  • Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Buntal, Kuching North City Hall
  • Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Simpok, Padawan Municipal Council
  • Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Mundai, Padawan Municipal Council

We are looking for people to assist us in the project, in both major and minor roles. You can help us in engaging schools and shopping malls to secure venues for us to organize the book donation drives and then conducting the book drives, help plan activities that we will conduct at the libraries, publicize the project locally, or just help us by donating as well. Transportation and storage of the books will be provided by PUSTAKA.

This project will not be very time-consuming (ie: you don’t need to be attached to PUSTAKA or UKEC throughout the whole of the 4 weeks) - we are looking for people who are willing to give up a little bit of time over their summer to dedicate to a good cause.

*Please note that even though you have yet to return to Kuching by the 13th of June, you can still be part of the team. All we want is commitment and dedication! :slight_smile: If you have any friends in Kuching who would like to help out, then encourage them to join us as well - the more, the merrier!

Interested? Then email!

Good Day Ma’am / Sir,

My name is Philip Lee. I would like to volunteer my time for Project Pelita. I had wrote via email.

Also i would appreciate if you can advise a location of any orphanage in Miri. My intent is to purchase food items and deliver to the children.

A contact number and address of the orphanage would be great to begin with.

Hear from you soon.

Your’s Truly, Philip Lee.

is this event held in Miri?

so you want to take books from Miri and bring to Kuching?

ask Taib for a donation, he stays in Kuching

[quote=“He-man”]so you want to take books from Miri and bring to Kuching?

ask Taib for a donation, he stays in Kuching[/quote]

Oh so the project is in Kuching.

I read it as Miri. Sending the books to kuching won’t be possible.

But if there is any project in Miri. Will be sure to come and help.

Gd noon moon9339,

I had received your PM and i am interested. I will need an email from you so we can link up.

At this current time, the PM feature is still not avail to me.

Also i am seeking the address of any orphanage in Miri, would you be able to assist?

Awaiting your reply… Thanks.