Project Code Name: Free Syndication + Free Backlink

Hello, I would like to manifest my idea to fellow bloggers here.

From my point of view, syndication of your content is very important to publicize your website especially if your goal is to make money from that website.

Syndication help your content to be discoverable at the world wide web, or we call them the internet.

Now what is syndication again?

In simple words syndication is;

Copy the article from your website and then paste it on other website with different domain name and then link back pointing back to your website.

and some of my bloggers friends will say;

You will be penalize for a duplicate content!

and I say to them;

No, its not.

This project summary is something like this;

For bloggers to promote their blog.
For blogger to promote their article.
For new bloggers to get a back link from higher page rank website.

How it works?

Lets call the website name as FSFB.

FSFB need to be a high page rank website. How?

Many blogs link back to the FSFB homepage.
Frequently update content.
Okay, now you understand the theory, now how we want to achieve that?

Member of FSFB must link back to the FSFB homepage sitewide, mean not from one particular page of their post but from entire of their blog for example put a link in sidebar or on each post(the better).
FSFB will pull excerpt from the bloggers feed and then publish it and featured in FSFB homepage.

Lets say theres 100 bloggers joining this program. All are new blogger with only 5 posts on their blogs. They are linking site wide from their blog. Because it is side wide, meaning there are 5 pages linking to the FSFB homepage for each blog and we not counting the archive page, category page, and other pages! Mean theres more than 5! But lets just take 5 as our calculation.

100 bloggers x 5 pages = 500 link back!

Now FSFB have 500 link back plus frequently update content. Lets say we assume it can get PR3 should be helpful for those new bloggers to have a PR3 website to publish their content and then link back to them?

And as that bloggers grow with post, FSFB constantly get a new back link everyday, this will maintain its page rank.

Now tell me if you would like to participate in this project?