Professional Mothers Club

I would like to start a club for mothers, at where we can express our ideas and suggestions among ourselves in improving current lifestyle. Anyone interested?

Congrats, I think its high time mothers have a place or a forum to discuss their problems and get to know new ways and ideas to help them to better mothers.
I am sure there are many out there, but doest not know how to reach you.

  1. I suggest that you (with few other mothers) open a booth to get general public know about the club formation.
  2. organise free talk in Miri catered for mothers; I am sure from there your club can start moving.
  3. Write up in our local newspapers- at least some will contact you.

All the best, and hope this club will materialise Very VERY soon in Miri.

This is indeed a great move for mothers or mothers-to-be seeking for peers in their geographical region to discuss and share matters. Please let me know if can help in any ways possible. :smiley:



What is your core program to set up mothers club? What is the Mission and What is the Vision? Is really a good set up family learning center. I would be happy share.

Hi “jamie lee”, thank you for joining the talk. The core programme is to provide a talk-point for all mothers which i personally like to share experiences with others, whether you are working for others or a homemaker. Events will definitely come later once we have enough people to bring out programme, i am sure hoping it is more towards educational than gossips. You know women! I am trying to avoid those.
As the venue, i have a few places, for example, coffee places like Coffee Bean or Starbucks, Lutong Boat Club, KPR Centre, and so on. I need more suggestions, because Miri is getting bigger, I would hope the places we visit would allow us to have privacy at the same time enjoying some light food and drinks.
My contact is 019-839 2297 or fax to me at 085-654719. I am running a business on my own, if you know me later, there will be more things to talk about. I am sure it is worth it. It is FOC, hahahaha…
Dear “rsjit”, thank you for the suggestions, once I have teamates, i will proceed with all that. I do hope men to join the mothers, so that they know their wives are great and fun too. This will encourage better communications, form good families.
As I looked into the divorce rate, i am really worry about the children mental well being. We don’t want them to fail in their lives, when they have grown up.

Joy Luck Club

pls email me when the club is formed… i wld like to join… thanks for the start up. oh pls PM me more details ok.

yea. me too, plz drop a email. both my sisters may be happy to join. make it quick!

But they don’t play mahjong ehh…

when the word ‘professional’ is being used here, does it mean the club is only meant for professional?

Very interesting. How can I join? Also, can you elaborate more on the “Professional” meaning. Do we have to be Uni Grad, Establish Business Woman or should we call it Miri Mothers Club where it sound nicer and its open to any mum out there whether ur a pro or just plain housewives. just my 2 cents IMO :slight_smile:

I am highly interested in joining this club when it is formed. It would be very nice to share and discuss with other mothers. Just a suggestion, we could have ‘Mother and Toddler’ sessions where we bring our kids together and let them interact i.e play. Keep me updated, please!

Hi dear ladies, if you are men, it would be great to look out for your friends or wives interest. I have started the session last 2 weeks, which only 2 turned up. However, i would like to make it every Monday at 2pm, venue would be likely at Piasau Boat Club, or if you do have other suggestion, i would love to know about it. What say you?

Dear 6a6y6lue, the state of professional can be anyone who is either working under employer or in entrepreneur phase. After all, the housewives are homemakers too, they are too professional. I do want this recognision as most of the time housewives are mistaken not working class, in actual, they are the ones who work round the clock. Aren’t they deserve the professional term? :lol:

Yes yes
i would also like to join
please Pm for that

MILF club? Lolx sorry I just could nto help myself hehehe

everyone interested, but didnt see any of you turn up in the meeting leh… only me and Joylady hanging up.

Hi, ladies, it has been a long break. Wanna to meet up? 8)