Produa Myvvi SE Edition

Hi, I plan to buy a new produa myvvi se edition this month. I heard from produa agent said that the bank now offers 3.75% pa for loan and the promotion ends on 31/12/2007. However, I have some questions that need u guy help:

  1. Any more lower interest rate offered by banker besides of 3.75% and which bank?
  2. How much the different between sibu and miri price?
  3. Any comment so far for produa myvvi car?

Thanks for your sharing.

  1. 3.75% is a good rate for perodua car…normally is 4.1% or 4.3%. if only u know those banker maybe they can arrange good offer for u
  2. should check with perodua centre or check the web. normally they have different promotion every month. u from miri? can pm me =)
  3. myvi is a good car for such price range. if only u can afford more then i believe u can get far more better car. im driving one myself. not SE though. so far so good.

alo kawan

i heard maybank offer one of d lowest rate
i oso heard myvi hv not end year promotion bcos it still hv strong sales.

so rugi alot if buy toward d end of d year.
bcos u’ll b receiving ur car in a month or two (in 2008) but it is consider 2007 sales.
so ur car trade in value will drop drastically (normal for local car) in 2008.
so just wait for nx year then start booking n buy.

buying myvi is like buying 4D
some owner report minimal defect/ problem, some reported many unsolved problem such as alignment, fuel smell after re-fuelling,etc.

u can google ‘myvi club’ then read some posts in their forum.
very informative.
i plan 2 get mine nx year wor

normally Perodua give out promotion at year end is because they want clear off their yearly stock… so…, this happen oso last year when I plan to get one MYvi as well…

CfLee… go for SE model la… looks more sporty compare to the rest… :wink:

For me if i wana buy Myvi, i’ll prefer to get the 1st edition 1 then modify myself… :slight_smile:

myvi quite ok lo… not much problems and its the perodua version of a luxury car. new kembara will be launched soon though.

Daihatsu putting in a 1500cc block & revamped suspension into their Sirion/Myvi,
planned for early next year, so hopefully Perodu will follow,
creating a car worthy of the ‘SE’ title…
will make for a wonderfull lil package! :smiley:

the current 1.3 manual, misbehaved…
doing a ‘Toyko Drift’ between the entry & exit junctions,
d large roundabout, bottom of the hill, before Morsjaya.
is a FUN lil car :mrgreen:

perodua and luxury doesn’t come together

uh… it’s the perodua version lo. everything automated and stuff, you can’t find it in a kancil or wira ler -.-

I think MiVi is more comfortable that Kembara

The Kembara seems so tight, even for a small man like me

[quote=“Datuk_big_boss”]I think MiVi is more comfortable that Kembara

The Kembara seems so tight, even for a small man like me[/quote]

uhm ya… but heard the new kembara is going to be different… honestly saying they said it’ll be a 5 seater… i don’t see how they are going to mod the existing kembara to be different than the new one.

Perodua = fun + style = :smiley:

‘luxury’ is in d eye of d beholder,
maybe reserved for those tooo old to njoy driving?!

rumour that Kembara will be repaced by the Terios,

hopefully soon!

new face-lift version…

(b nice to see if Perodua’s design team can make a few mods)

[quote=“dougie”]rumour that Kembara will be repaced by the Terios,

hopefully soon![/quote]Kembara has always been a Terios

my apologies,
should of written…‘replaced by the New Terios’,
which looks a bit more substantial than the ‘old’ ?!